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ITT: Post a pic of how you feel

Mar 28, 2021

a bit of both these. got new glasses and i think the guy has fucked it up cause they are giving me an insane sore head. my eyes feel so tired/strained and i've been feeling sick and nauseous. i've tried sticking with them cause usually it takes a few days to adjust but it's been well over a week now. so i've went back to my old glasses. paid fucking £80 for new lenses and this is what i get? fuck off. i'll be going right back on monday morning. this isn't even the first time they've fucked up. happened when i tried getting new contacts. if it's not sorted i'll be finding a new place to go.
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German Hops

Jun 7, 2019
Dallas, Texas
I'm starting to see a nice trend with the Bad Bros. , BadBurger BadBurger and badblue badblue
In addition to posting pics of how they feel, they're also providing a brief explanation/synopsis.
I think it would be cool if that started to catch on in this thread.
Obviously, some pics are self-explanatory, tho.
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