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ITT: Post a pic of how you feel

Jan 9, 2020


Apr 6, 2009
My home

This gif just reminded of a memory I'd long forgotten. I was so young -- maybe five or six. My mother dropped me off at my best friend from school's house, and he had a new wooden plane. It was heavy and about has long as him or I were tall. He said if we ran around the house with it it would eventually fly... I told him it wouldn't, but I could see in his eyes he truly believed it would, and he pleaded with me to help him. So...we ran.

Until we gave out.


Mar 19, 2021

The parental alienation is quite bad. My Request for Order is now 2 years in coming May. My motion now has gotten a minor's counsel involved and two doctors. So it's hasn't fallen flat. But it has been a very slow process.

Mother moved hundreds of miles without court order with my daughter. Coaches and alienates her. Refuses to have any visitations with our son who she abandoned to me years ago because she could not coach him. Anything not to drive every other weekend making up the distance she has created.

The children haven't been together since 2020 July.

I won't stop until they are reunited. And destroy the lies and the person who uses her own children for her selfishness.

Minors counsel, the judge, police, therapists, family. We all know alienation is taking place. But the family court system is broken. And it is not illegal I am told to be a bad parent.

Thanks Kev Kev for thinking about me. Means alot to be heard.

Okay okay... Time to finally hit the shoulder button to swing that leviathan ax in God of War for the pc. .

. before the fam gets up.