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You're bidding on an entire website and inventory of Japanese video games. It was my business when I lived in Japan, but I've moved home to the US and I've decided to forgo the continuation of the business. The web site is up and running and contains a lot of unique info and pictures of classic Japanese consoles and games in a market where info and galleries are hard to find. It has the potential to be one of the best viewed and most respected classic gaming sites on the web.
What you have here is the ability to have a completely stocked, well produced web page for import gaming. There's enough product to open an entire store if you have a brick and mortar business. The profit margins for import, classic gaming makes it one of the most attractive avenues in gaming today. After nearly 4 years of eBay, selling a few thousand things, I'd rather just spend my time in real estate where I was before I moved to Japan.

The web site is geared towards special edition products from Japan, but also has a variety of other Japanese systems that are popular. I wanted it to be an informative and interesting site for serious collectors. Everything in the site is my own. All of the pictures are of systems that I have personally owned. The Sega Saturn section, for example, probably has the most extensive photo collection of special edition Japanese Saturns in the entire world. All of the research on the site was done through Japanese web pages in order to be as accurate as possible. Some people are actually still selling the Dreamcast Metallic Silver system as one of 200...but a little research in Japan paints a different picture.

I'll tell you everything I've learned about the business, I'll show you how I got the games, how I sold them, how I built the page, etc. I'll give you my phone number so you can pick my brain about anything you want.

What are you getting?

www.japan-games.com domain name;
www.japan-gaming.com domain name;
The web page for Japan-Games.com as it appears now, including all text, pictures, graphics, etc.
Pictures and extras not on the site yet;
All of my inventory of Japanese games;
$500 off shipping

Overview of Gaming Product

Neo Geo


Neo Geo


Collectibles, Books, etc

For a complete list of the entire inventory, please CLICK HERE.

If you go to the above link, you can print out the page as a worksheet do determine the value of the product to you.
I can also send you the Excel file via email if you want to work with a hard copy. I personally inspected every item
in the inventory and made the list myself. Below is an overview.

AES Home Systems
Top Loading Consoles
CDZ Systems
AES Cart Software
CD Software
Accessories Panzer Dragoon Console
Pure White Consoles
Skeleton Blue Console
Skeleton Consoles
CD Software White atMark Consoles
Black atMark Console
Development Unit
CD Software

HST-001 Console
HST-0004 Consoles
HST-0014 Christmas
HST-0019 Consoles
HST-0022 Skeleton
Hitachi MMP-11 HiSaturn
CD Software
Accessories Christmas Red Consoles
Regulation #7 Black Consoles
Hello Kitty Blue Consoles
Hello Kitty Pink Consoles
Sakura Wars Consoles
Biohazard Red Console
Regular White Console
Metallic Silver Consoles
Black Consoles
Pearl Blue Consoles
CD Games & Accessories DUO-R Console
Core White Console
Super Grafx Console
Core Grafx II Consoles
PC-FX Consoles
CD Software
HuCard Software

Panasonic Q Console
Famicom Console
Super Famicom Console
N64DD Consoles
Famicom Titler Consoles
Software Sega MegaDrive Software
Sega Genesis Mega CD Software
Playstation 1 Hardware
Playstation 1 Software
Playstation 2 Hardware
Sega Game Gear Hardware
Intellivision Japan Hardware
Intellivision Japan Software
Casio Loopy Hardware
Casio Loopy Software
Wondermega (all 3)

If you can find one store, either online or in a shopping mall, that has this amount of varied product, then I'd like to see it. The Christmas Seaman Red was bought online from HMV and is still wrapped in the shipping bubble wrap. There were a total of 50 of these made available online. The Panzer Dragoon XBOX is new and includes the Sega shipping box. Two of the Pure White XBOX are still sealed in the Microsoft shipping boxes. Where else can you get all three versions of the N64DD systems and all three versions of the Wondermega system? Some of the items like the Famicom Titler, Biohazard Dreamcast, Christmas Seaman Dreamcast, Derby Stallion Saturn, N64DD, Panasonic Q, Panzer Dragoon and Pure White XBOXs, Pippin atMarks, Regulation #7 Dreamcast, Core Grafx II, Super Grafx, Casio Loopy and brand new. These are the high priced items collectors want and are very hard to get, even in Japan.
I have pictures and the list above, but the final list is the spreadsheet that I've made. It's the most extensive list and covers 100% of the items that you will receive. The above pictures don't have a lot of the smaller items like accessories and don't show the Sega software. They were in too many different boxes to consolidate them for a picture.

Japan-Games.com Website

The website is my own creation. I wanted to make a site that had pictures and information about classic and Japan only game systems. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding Japanese systems so I set out to do all of the research using Japanese sites only. You will also get the domain name "japan-gaming.com." Here's what makes the site special:
INFORMATION: Some sellers are using outdated information that's been circulating on websites for a number of years. Like I said before, if you see a Matallic Silver Dreamcast, you'll most likely see a seller claiming that it's one of 200. You can see what I found here: CLICK HERE.

Did you know the the Neo Geo AES was originally sold to hotels before it was made available to the general public?

Did you know that the Front Loading Neo Geo CD were the first ones produced and have the lowest serial numebrs?

Did you know that the Sega MegaJet handheld system was jointly developed by Sega and Japan Airlines and was first used in their first class cabins on international flights?

Did you know *all* of the different Sega Saturn versions, their release dates, original prices? Do you know that the "Sonic Saturn" was only sold in Toys R Us stores in Japan for a limited time?

Did you know that there are actually 851 Seaman Christmas models, with the "+1" model being serial number 000?

Did you know that the Panasonic Q console does not support region free DVD and gameplay, meaning if you have one that does play all regions then you've bought one that's been opened up and modified?

Did you know that Intellivision joined forces with Bandai to release Intellivision in Japan, and the TV commerical starred a young Beat Takeshi, the comic and lead role in Battle Royale?

I wanted to make a page that had all of the info that the other web pages didn't have. Demonstrating knowledge about your product is the best way to build trust and get the highest possible prices from collectors. There is a little more info that I haven't added to the site yet that you'll get.

PICTURES: II also wanted to make a site that has high quality pictures of the systems for visitors. I especially sought out brand new product to show what each model should include brand new. When I have a listing that says "complete," I know it really is complete down to the baggies and twist ties.

For nearly all of the images on my web site I have the raw photo, the Photoshop edited photo, the photo with the webpage logo, and the photo edited with a box for other parts of the web page. You can manipulate these anyway you like from the source image or the Photoshop image. I have pictures that I haven't added to the site yet and you'll get those, too. If it's in the inventory, then you'll be able to take your own pictures. Can you find another web site that has pictures of every Sega Saturn released in Japan? All of these pictures are mine, including the shot of the castle used on the front page. They are not taken from any other site. You'll get everything I have.

Web Page Store: The site has it's own shopping cart and ecommerce template although I haven't put the links in. I haven't sold anything from the site but you'll get all of the data and html info. It's from ecommercetemplates.com, the plus version of the basic layout. You'll have to set up the pictures and descriptions yourself.

Other: I'm having a web pro go through the site to clean it up, and he'll also give me an alternative design to choose from. You can choose the design as it stands now, or you can choose the design that he comes up with. I'll give you his name and contact info. I've already paid him for the work of redoing the site, but in the end you can do whatever you want. I haven't promoted the site yet because I wanted to get more into it before I did.

What you'll be getting is enough product to open up your own web store and a web page to sell it from. If you want to get into import gaming, this is the closest you'll get to a turnkey operation. I've had a lot of success because I've been able to build up trust with my buyers and demonstrate product knowledge. My prices in and out of eBay are generally higher than my competition because of this. In the end you'll have a place which has an amazing variety of rare games and information of those game systems.

If you already sell import games, then the product will be gold. You can use Japan-Games.com as a way to link people to your existing store. It's a great compliment to any site, especially if you're using just stock photos and descriptions of your product. The web site should be able to increase the selling price for the items.

Where else can you find this much Japanese product at once? If you play your cards right you can use this as a stepping stone and create something really big.

I'll give a $500 credit for shipping because I don't know the exact weight and size of the shipment. It's roughly 1,200 to 1,400 pounds and will be contained in about 12-15 large boxes. I tried to separate the items by product type so I'm not able to give exact amounts because some boxes are half full or combined with other items.

I'll need a 10% deposit within 7 days via bank transfer. The balance will be due 7 days after that. If you do not contact me within 48 hours of the end of the auction, I'm going to start the non-paying bidder process through eBay as soon as possible.

You can contact me at info@japan-games.com. Or, you can call me direct at 1-520-603-7642. Please don't send me emails asking about prices for specific items. I'm trying to sell everything in bulk before I do that. If I cannot find a bulk seller, then I'll start piecing off the items one by one on eBay. If you do want a specific item, please send me an email and if and when I do list that specific product for sale I'll send you an email. I won't give you a price for each item, but if you'll willing to make me a crazy offer I'll be happy to put you at the top of the list.

This auction is meant for people who understand import gaming. It's not a fire sale and it's not meant to be used as a discount bulk purchase. It's for someone who recognizes the value of the package as a whole. This page will fill a market niche that is badly needed: respect, accountability, and honesty in import gaming sales. The potential is extremely strong for future sales.

so for the price of an average decent car, you can have all this.
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