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Judgment actor will reportedly star in a live-action TV series


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

That’s according to a report by Japanese publication Nikkan Gendai – spotted by Kotaku – which claims that actor Takuya Kimura plans to adapt the action-RPG series into a show for Asahi Television called “The Unjudged”.

It’s also claimed that a live-action movie adaptation for Judgment could be in development alongside the TV project.

Kimura is a recognised television actor and celebrity in Japan and appeared as the Sega game’s protagonist in both of its video game instalments.

If true, the report is the first indication that Kimura intends to maintain his involvement with the Judgment franchise beyond last year’s game sequel.

Great! 3rd game likely. Alzheimer's is still out there guys.
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TV > Videogames > TV

But if he wants to do more Yagami, it is solvable
I think SEGA is really pissed becuse the agency don't let them port the game to PC, hence the game losing sales.

I wouldn't count on a thrid installment, at least not with the same MC.
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