King of Fighters 15 - Official Character Announcement

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SNK has announced three of the characters coming to King of Fighters 15, and announced that a gameplay trailer will arrive in January.

Producer Yasuyuki Oda and creative director Eisuke Ogura explained that Kyo, Benimaru and Shun'ei would all appear in the upcoming fighting game. Kyo, who appeared in the very first KoF game, makes a return in a black jacket and bandana. Benimaru switches back to a sleeveless shirt design, and will be more familiar to how fans remember him.


Hmm... they're claiming it's their most ambitious title, more ambitious than 13. I don't know it'll compete with 13 but I do look forward to it.


Any chance they go back to 2D or at least GGXrd style 3D? Here's hoping.

Yeah, I approve that. IMO the KoF series is not good at 3D. Maybe asking Arc System Works to done the visual.
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