Klonoa 1 & 2 remasters may lead to more remasters and ‘expanding the IP’, its producer says


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Switch Oled or PS5 for the platinum?

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Trophy Whores unite.....PS5 version all the way. I did the same for the same reason lol


Remaster Xenoblade X you cowards!

Edit: I’m dumb and tired. My mind combined this topic and a xenoblade one.
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The biggest difference with Kirby is that this one is actually good.

  • Unlike Kirby 64, this one knows what and how to do with 2,5D gameplay.
  • Unlike most Kirby games where the story is non existent or a parody of it self, here it's pretty possible to actually shed a tear.
  • Despite Kirby being an all powerful sucking monster, and the enemy AI is "special" you are still always getting hit left and right because of the stiff/slippery controls, where Klonoa knows it's his fault when he takes damage.
  • In Kirby's stages you could put Mario in there and he would still complete most of them without feeling out of place. Klonoa's stages are actually designed to take full advantage of Klonoa's specific abilities and solve puzzles and never lock him out of some reward because he hasn't eaten some lightning monster three stages and four one-way rooms ago.

Kirby is nothing like Klonoa. He wished he was Klonoa....
Possible to shed a tear? Oh...I shed more than just a tear playing the original on the PS1. Klonoa always deserved proper sequels


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Yeah enjoy that ending, it's the reason i'll never play the first one again.
I see your point now.
Watching Klonoa and the prince try and stay together while the maiden is singing the song. Seeing the tears form in Klonoa’s eyes while the price holds onto the moon ring. 😭


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Finished both games 100%, absolutely loved them, played Door to Phantomile many times before, beautiful game and only ever played Klonoa 2 demo prior (I did have to tap the RB button just to progress the text a little faster on cutscenes on Klonoa 2 as it's so slow otherwise)

I wonder if the counter is wrong too? As I felt played Klonoa quite a bit longer than 4 hours, my Xbox playtime said I had about 15 hours total play time.

I really hope this collection does well, as I'd love to see the Klonoa IP return and get a third game personally :)
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It's a Kirby copycat minus eating enemies for power ups.
Thanks for keeping this quality shit take as concise as possible, I guess.
It has utterly nothing similar to Kirby, and that’s fact.

Anyway. I finished Klonoa 2, some 20 years after the PS2 version. Still a solid, charming game, but seeing the two episodes side by side without the generational gap that existed between the PS1 Door to Phantomile and the PS2 Lunatea’s Veil, the first game is clearly the better one. Better story, better cutscene direction, better music, better level design (Klonoa 2 has one or two skateboarding levels too many, and many levels waste a lot of time with all those uninteractive flying sections that were probably there to hide loading times originally).

Getting all the gems is still a chore. You’d never think about saying that there’s such a thing as excessively precise collisions until you try to collect all the gems in a Klonoa game. I hate that there isn’t an option to just restart from the last checkpoint. Losing a life to retry isn’t really that feasible, considering that there aren’t that many extra lives to collect through the game.

Still two very good games. Screw that, Door to Phantomile is a gem, a true classic. Too bad about the stuttering on Switch.


I see your point now.
Watching Klonoa and the prince try and stay together while the maiden is singing the song. Seeing the tears form in Klonoa’s eyes while the price holds onto the moon ring. 😭
Playing as a kid that ending destroyed me, i have only ever ugly cried at a few endings to games and Klonoa is one of them. I have no desire to relive that ending.
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