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Koei Tecmo Interested In Bringing More Games To Xbox Game Pass & PS Plus Extra


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In a survey regarding its recent release, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Koei Tecmo has asked respondents which of its other titles they would wish to see on premium game subscription services, such as Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Extra.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been available on Xbox Game Pass since launch day. As a result of the game’s success on Microsoft’s premium subscription service, the publisher now appears to be considering bringing more of its titles to such services.



Games that sell less than 5m lifetime is great for subscription services.

They get to have more userbase, while getting guaranteed bag from Sony and MS comparing to selling their games.

FYI, 5m lifetime from a 60$ price tag game is average at around 30$. That is $150m before the % deduction.

Even 10m lifetime sales don't generate more than $300m-$400m lifetime (before 30% cut and physical copy taxes).


More publishers should do this with their older back catalogue of games that dont sell anymore. Sure they are not going to get paid tons for older games but a little is better than nothing


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Wo Long was great, only flaw was this weird difficulty curve where it starts challenging and becomes way too easy around halfway.

Bring Stranger of Paradise next so more people can enjoy the glory of the best action-based Final Fantasy.


Yeah man, great playing games that people don't want to give a chance becuase they aren't sequels seem like a perfect fit for game pass.
It seems like a good fit for Game Pass because there are a number of titles and MS and Koei Tecmo could make money from costume DLCs.... Game Pass is about hooking people on something and making more money from secondary transactions...


Another gaming company that's happy with game pass greatness.Clowns hating on game pass and parading sales mantra don't realize about the number of games that gets lost in the shuffle and never make their money back.They think they know more than actual devs.
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Wo Long's Xbox achievement stats are abysmal, that tutorial boss really wrecked people. A lot of the stuff most people should earn for basic completion are sitting at like 0.65% rarity.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
It's the only way I'm going to play Fatal Frame they put out a few weeks back, since there was no physical release.
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