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Koei Tecmo Teases Reveal of Games in The Works for Years That Will Show its “Full Power”


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Source: https://twinfinite.net/2021/12/koei-tecmo-2022-tease-new-game/

Today Japanese website 4Gamer published an extensive article in which local developers shared their plans for 2022, and that includes several from the Yokohama-based developer.

He mentions that in 2022 Koei Tecmo will reveal games that have been in the works for several years and that will pave the way for the future of the company. According to Hayashi-san, they will show the “full power of the current Koei Tecmo.”

President and CEO Hisashi Koinuma echoed him by mentioning that 2022 will mark the release of several games developed by the company.

Team Ninja brand director Fumihiko Yasuda asks fans to look forward to future titles, including the action game set in the Three Kingdom era and another that he is personally directing, that is finally taking shape after years of planning.

Last, but not least, producer Yosuke Kikuchi, known for the Fatal Frame series, mentioned that in 2022 his team will challenge the development of something that they have never done before. It will take a long time before it can be announced, but he’d like to create something fun via trial and error.

A while ago, we heard that Koei Tecmo aims to release a new IP for consoles and PC capable to sell 5 million copies, on top of multiple every fiscal year able to top 2 million copies sold.


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Lets go!


Big game from a prominent Japanese developer,sounds like this is the Silent Hill from the Gematsu rumor. Koei have also been doing a lot of outsourced work lately.


I really rate Yasuda. The Nioh games are first-class and he reminds me of a younger version of Kamiya* in that he seems to have fully internalized the reality that his first shot at directing missed the mark and subsequently has been determined not to repeat the same mistakes.

*Kamiya in the 7 part chronicles series on YT is very candid about how he felt totally responsible for the failure of Res Evil 1.5 due to a lack of overall vision, and Yasuda says kinda similar things about Ninja Gaiden 3.


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
next gen dynasty warrior

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Sounds exactly like what Ninja Gaiden did on the og Xbox. That game looked better than everything on the market, including PC.
Please just give me a Ninja Gaiden 4 that doesn’t suck. My naive wish is that they’d bring back Itagaki for it, but of course that won’t happen. Also can I get either a DOA7 or DOA6 Ultimate that doesn’t suck and actually has tag mode? DOA5 was great so I know they can do it.


I remember Team Ninja saying they preferred working on the most powerful console or something along those lines... wonder if this stills holds today?


Ninja Open-World Garden 4. You will love it. Everybody loves open-worlds. Open-world makes every single game excellent. Includes watering your vegetables.
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