Konami Could bring new contents to the Microsoft Store


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According to @ALumia_Italia, Konami is "bringing new contents to the Microsoft Store." Unfortunately, the leaker did not offer any further details, but @ALumia_Italia is quite reliable when it comes to leaks involving Microsoft. Despite this, fans should still take this rumor with a grain of salt until we get an official announcement from Konami.



Re-releasing MGS2+3 HD I guess.

Thats cool because MGS 3 was never released on PC in any form (OG, Subsistence or HD) so it'd be a first time for that one.

MGS 2: Substance was on PC, but not the HD version. I'd like to try the VR mission from Substance again, those were fun. Might try the Special Missions for MGS 1 as well, since I believe there was a recent patch which makes controller support way better in the PC version.


Only way they can release it to windows store, is gamepass pc. Otherwise, no one that stupid, is gonna buy the game there.


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Wasn’t it Sony at the forefront of this rumor, now Microsoft? They probably take the thirst for Konami IPs seriouly… Who knows what they will buy next.


Ninja Turtles Collection (with all the Ninja Turtles games)
Tiny Toons Collection (with all the Tiny Toons games)
The Simpsons Arcade Game Remaster

Please Konami, please Microsoft :lollipop_grinning_smiling_eyes:


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Give me the Silent Hill on PC. I don’t even care if it’s garbage, to have it on Microsoft Store or Steam is enough for me.


I will guess its going to be:

  • Silent Hill HD Collection
  • MGS 2 & 3 HD Collection
  • MGS Peace Walker

All on the PC store and game pass
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