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Konami Digital Entertainment filed a trademark for "Project Zircon" on March 7 in Japan

I hope Konami’s new Castlevania isn’t a eurojank Nioh Soulbourne clone. I hope Konami is like one of those actors that comes back after a very long hiatus and starts winning oscars
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Bumping this topic for obvious reasons.

Things we know for sure :

- Rumors of a Castlevania game is circling the web, credible rumors.

- If there's something common among the games Konami is bringing back they tend to be the most popular entries of their respective series and they tend to be remakes.

- Zircon refers to the gems introduced in Castlevania Symphony of the night which is one of the most highly regarded Castlevanias.

- The next netflix show for Castlevania is Castlevania: Nocturne which shows off Richter Belmont as the lead. The lead character of Rondo of Blood the prequel to SOTN and was also a side character in SOTN itself.

All of this combined makes me think a remake/reimagining or sequel to SOTN is in the works. I hope it shows its face soon because I want some confirmation on this.

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Don't play with the feeling
I know, I'm trying not to get my hopes up either but if you focus on all the evidence it does seem like a likely scenario.

Silent Hill 2 and MGS 3 are being remade. outright skipping earlier entries and not new titles. So, couple that with all the stuff I said it's hard not to wonder if something relating to SOTN is happening?
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