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Korean Youtube Channel - Jang Bbijju - Anybody else watch?


So a few months ago, I discovered this channel (don't even remember how) called Jang Bbijju.

Looking at their history, they first got pretty popular through their "Dank Dub" series, one that may seem familiar:

But then I saw some of their other stuff like this:

And it's spiritual sequel:

Unique humor, perhaps funnier for Koreans. But then I discovered other series that they work on, one in particular called "The New Recruit"

This is a series that follows a new private recruit in the Korean Military. Minseok Park, son of a general who seems to have lived a pretty pampered life, so his unit has to adapt to serving alongside with him despite his numerous weaknesses and flaws. It's one of those series where you do have to watch a couple of the episodes to get used to the characters, but man the character development and the plotlines are top notch. They do a great job ending on a cliffhanger - making the one episode a month wait pretty torturous. The episodes in the series are pretty short too, so you can quickly go through them to see if its your cup of tea. But the fact that they average a few million views per episode says a lot.

They have tons more series such as Noonbit man, Studio Jangbbijju (where they really do awesome 'commercials' for products) and 2P series. Don't want to make this a post full of embedded youtube vids - but check them out - hoping that I'm not the only one who enjoys them!


Those two about consoles were amusing. I felt like I've heard that story before, well at least the ps5 one. Never heard of the channel though.


Thanks for the recommendation. I would say that the channel is a hidden gem, but it's already getting million of views per video so it looks like I'm late to the party.

This Korean guy really gets modern American gaming/corporate culture:

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