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Kotaku: Lost Ark's Depiction Of Female Characters Feels A Decade Out Of Date


Kotaku in 1 picture:

In one video:
In all honesty I just think people need to get the fuck over themselves.
You're not entitled to always have a choice and I am getting really tired of these kinds of people who are so incapable of dealing with having something they dislike exist.

I personally really love the female characters in Lost Ark, animations included.
And I really don't like most male characters in games, they're something I put up with rather than enjoy the same goes with most female characters in Western games.
The difference is that I don't act like it's a crime against humanity that they exist.

It's just so tiresome that this has to be a conversation literally every single time, it was the same with the Project EVE trailer.
And what makes it even more frustrating is that whenever I ask for more feminine options people jump down my throat and throw every stereotypical insult my way.
But then these same people will sit around shit-talking stuff like this it's so one-sided.
The difference is that I barely have any options that I like in games while people who dislike these characters have almost every game and character nowadays catered to them.

The notion that there needs to be like a modesty toggle option and an option for different animations just reeks of entitlement imo.
To me it's like me saying that in TLOU and HZD or Assassins Creed Valhalla there needs to be an option to turn the female characters into like in Lost Ark.
It's like why are these people more deserving of an option just because this one game doesn't cater to them and why wouldn't I be for games that don't cater to me ( which again is most )?

No one is entitled to an option, the devs decided that this was what they wanted to make and they made it that's it end of story.
People can decide to not play it or play it.
Dude, it’s a MMO with character creation. You should be able to make a woman who doesn’t look and move like a stripper if that’s what you want. It’s not like this article is complaining about Bayonetta or something.
They are the ones stuck in the past. 10 fucking years talking the same shit and they still didn't learn nobody gives a damn about their so called "causes". People who cares for this stuff are no-lifers who don't have to work to pay their bills.

Go to Instagram and you will see that lots of girls love dressing sexy booty and so on and don't give a shit for this concern trolling from girls that looks like a caveman.
10 minutes on instagram and you will see girls cosplaying sexy female characters from games and animes but not the character who is a dude who thinks he is a girl from the latest horror circus series produced by Netflix. Because even girls don't give a damn to this shit.
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Animations remind me of PN03. Absolutely awesome main character.

If you are reading this devs, ignore everything Kotaku writes and make the game you want to make. It will be successful if you do. These writers and twitter mobs know nothing of Korean culture, kpop etc, they see the whole world through their western eyes and cannot fathom that different people want/like different things. When they come across a different opinion thy cry outdated and try to ridicule. They shout about diversity yet throw a fit when they see something different. If they got their way every women in games would would be wearing work boots, a vest, man's shirt over the top and men's baggy cargo pants.

As the the female 'gamer' in the video, if she has bought into the 'you go girl' 3rd wave, sex and the city feminist mantra then by the time she hits 40 she will be single, childless and looking forward to a lonely old age without family. So just pity her.
I'm 100% for sexualization and objectification of characters in games but I understand why some women get annoyed with it when it's often one sided the same way it would be if the guys in Souls games all had banana hammocks and buttplug tails. Skimpy armor, full armor, regular walk, slut walks, what the hell ever should be optional and available to all genders in game. We should be asking for more options to choose from, not limiting what's available.


it's all about not making girls/women who play games feel like they have to live up to some unrealistic ideal of what the female body should look like, because it can lead to things like eating disorders, depression etc. i get that.

not sure this fits that whole thing though, seems a little over the top to complain about a walking animation.


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it's all about not making girls/women who play games feel like they have to live up to some unrealistic ideal of what the female body should look like, because it can lead to things like eating disorders, depression etc. i get that.
Who the fuck plays a videogame, and tries to identify as that character, and think they should look lik them in real life?.
And even if that was a true thing, why has it been alright for years to have Arnie looking muscle freaks in games, with no 'worry' about how that will affect men?


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You can make a character that doesn’t walk like that right? I mean its a character creator thing correct?


If it is true about playing a gender locks you out of certain classes, then that is outdated. Players want to have all the gameplay options regardless of the gender they pick. If it was a single player RPG with predetermined characters/classes, fair enough, but a MMO where you’re supposed to give your players a ton of options? That’s just dumb.

And if somebody actually tries to call me “woke” for criticizing poor gameplay design:

fox tv GIF by Hell's Kitchen


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I’m convinced that kotaku and resetera want sharia law for women.

That's a wild response to having characters walk naturally. The game is fun but some of the design decisions are goofy as fuck. Like why is the Gunslinger in booty shorts the entirety of the grind to level 50 (unless you buy some skins)?


Everybody at Kotaku should just suck a bucket of girl dicks and have a sexual awakening playing Minecraft... but God, those are terrible animations. Femininity is fine, I consider myself a connoisseur of the big P, but theres a limit



Not sure that degenerate site deserves even the moniker of "journalist" but you get my point.
The funniest part of this is how this looks new even after all the time that it has being said.


Well... played the game that I just happen to know thanks that nest of psychos called kotaku. My last MMO was Ragnarok Online back in 2004 or so. So I'm completely lost. But the game is fun to play. Sadly there is no archer.

The females characters looks really beautiful, so does the males ones. My potato PC can run it decently. So I'll play it a little longer during this month to decide if I'll keep playing it. Walk animations sucks though.
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