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Lamentum - Pixel Art Survival Horror Game (PC/PS4/XBONE/Switch)

fart town usa

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Lamentum (obscuretales.com)

The developer's website basically has an OT layout.

About the game

Lamentum is a pixel art survival horror game, set in New England in the mid-nineteenth century. Our adventure will take place in a dark mansion full of enigmas and dangers, in which we will have to survive using our ingenuity and a multitude of objects at our disposal. Every action we take in Lamentum can alter the course of story. Our main character will have to choose well in whom to trust and what decisions to make if he wants to carry out his purpose.

Lamentum is being developed by Obscure Tales, a team formed by two people, Nico in the programming section and Fran in the graphic section.

Anyone play this? I stumbled on it last night while browsing the PS4 store. It has a few reviews from smaller outlets but they're all glowing based on what I've seen. YouTube videos are praising it as well.

Developer says they were inspired by OG Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Think I'm gonna get this, seems totally up my alley.

fart town usa

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Bought it last night. It's really cool so far, feels like OG Resident Evil but with Pixels.

Thought about saving but decided to opt for a different safe room. Didn't realize that enemies were gonna be in the main area, ended up dying. Hadn't saved once so lost all my progress. Gotta start back at the very beginning of the game.....AND IF FELT EFFING FANTASTIC!

Love OG Survival Horror mechanics.

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