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Laura Bailey: Sexy women are regressive and not human

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Laura Bailey can STFU on this one, no offense.

These virtue-signaling dolts always driving the same stupid ideas, not even realizing how this rhetoric hurts women and, if you want to talk about "sexual gaze", lesbians. Because last I checked the vast majority of lesbians prefer sexy women, not the manly-looking ones. Even the manly-looking type of lesbians prefer sexy feminine women by and large.

Is there something about ND's workplace culture Neil Druckmann's concocted that infects the mind of everyone associated with them to just tard down their levels of common sense? Because I'm not gonna hop onboard their war against femininity and freedom of women's right to be sexy.


I am one of the biggest supporters of TLOU2 but a character can be sexy and strong at the same time. Look at Sadie Adler from RDR2 or some characters in Cyberpunk. This comment just gives fuel to TLOU2 haters


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Oh Laura laura now i see that she is another nonsens, Lara sexualized muh muh what a fucking subhumans way of thinking

I sware if it was a man she wouldn't say that and she would actually like it and shut the fuck up and enjoy it (and it would be ok)

So Jin Sakai is sexualised right??? Right Laura?? Based on your nonsens?

Oh boy people of nowadays...

I sware if Jin was a woman you'll have all those clowns ala Laura whining about the fact that you see him naked 50 tiimes in the game and have a sexy costume, but since it's man you know the rest of the story
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Gaming has handled diversity in a hobby where the main concerns are graphics and frame rate.


Edit: never mind.

OP, chill with the bait. Why quote her saying something she didn't even say in the thread title?
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Yeah, this is b.s. OP. You are getting worked up over stuff she didn't say or mean.

She is just saying its good that women roles are now expanding beyond bikini wearing sword swingers and are fleshed out characters. Thats a good thing.

On a side note, I like her as a voice actress.
Exactly. Yet another fragile man spreading false information to bring hate to a woman and most likely a sneaky way to drive more hate towards TLOU2 as this place loves to do.


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what a fucking subhumans way of thinking

Jesus Christ dude lol.. read the actual article and tell me if you still think this.

She's mainly talking about having female characters with more depth. It's sub-human to say she is happy there are more in-depth female characters that don't exist solely to be sexualized? Because that's all the words she actually said are implying.
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