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Life is Strange: True Colors is getting review-bombed thanks to a flag

Halo is Back

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This game has 8.5 metascore because half of the gaming press reviews are in "omg trans character with superpowers is what the world needs right now" circlejerk mode about it

User score was at like 6.3 so they decided to push the narrative it's getting review bombed to defend it. It's not getting review bombed, it's a dull game with a very disappointing next gen port and it's tragic that bias is stopping this from being fairly reported upon.

They give a game unrealistic scores because it's pushing their politics, then use the review bombed excuse for explaining the discrepancy between their scores and actual people playing the game.
She is not trans, and I bet you haven't even played the game yet. Sounds like your politics is influencing your opinions.
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