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"Lords of the Fallen" dev calls Miyazaki "daddy"



The developer in question is HexWorks, who is working on sequel / reboot The Lords of The Fallen, a follow-up to 2014’s confusingly named Lords of The Fallen. HexWorks hasn’t done anything wrong here, it just appears to be a case of rather unfortunate parallel thought that had the team head-in-hands when Elden Ring was revealed.

“Our breakthrough weapon, the flail, was showcased in the Elden Ring trailer, and that killed us inside,” The Lords of The Fallen creative director Cezar Virtosu says. “And we saw that one of our bosses was nearly identical to Malenia,” he adds, which must have really been a kick in the teeth.

“Miyazaki is our daddy and our grandaddy. Without him, we wouldn’t have any jobs,” Virtosu explains. Virtosu even recently apologised for Marvel’s Avengers, as he was leading one of the live service game’s co-development studios.


Yeah, it is a slow news day, huh?
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I bet he IS their daddy/grandaddy, without Souls games who knows what their game would look like, lol.

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he isn't wrong is he? The game and the one before it shamelessly cloned (badly) the formula of Miyazaki games.


Clickbait thread title. And no original thoughts outside of an article and cherry picked quotes. Unliked, unsubscribed, and unringed the bell.
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