LTP: Shadow of the Tomb Raider...unmarked action bit spoilers.


Beat Rise yesterday (started very strong, ended up being fairly disappointing) and played about an hour or two of this.

Seems like it's just going to be more of the same, so I'm gonna skip it.

The biggest problem with the reboot trilogy is the writing and Lara herself. That's the one core thing they have to fix going forward. New writers, new actress, new basic "tone" for the series.

Next biggest problem is a lack of game design focus. Every mechanic you can think of is jammed in here, and none are done particularly well. Pick one or two things the game will be about and focus on them. The open-level collect-a-thon, for example, is pretty much worst in class and needs to be dropped immediately.

One thing is that I'd heard that Shadow was a large step up graphically from Rise and I'm not seeing it. Rise was fucking gorgeous at times. All of the TR reboot games are.
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