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LTTP: CRYSIS [it wasn't a tech demo, it was a great game]

I came to Crysis a few years after release when my computer was up to it. As such i kind of avoided the technical side of the experience and just focused on the gameplay.

I loved it. It's kind of been forgotten now because i finished it (more on that later), but for the longest time i didn't progress my save past the snow run after you escape the, er, giant tone shift (spoiler avoidance) and for all i knew there were hours of gameplay still waiting for me. In that state i was confident that it was the best FPS i had ever played. I loved the power suit mechanics, the huge levels i could get through as i saw fit, the solid stealth options.. the graphics were great, for sure, and the story felt very blockbuster, especially when the Giant Tone Shift happened.

Codes 208

The physics were cool and you could see how it’s open world-ish levels would inspire far cry 2 and up but i have an unpopular opinion:

I liked Crysis 2 more
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