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LTTP: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Hey Listen!


Now the Ice Cavern, this is much better! Where was this helpful info from Navi earlier, didn't struggle at all and made sure to keep a couple of Blue Fire Bottles (lucky really as I unfroze King Zora) and now on to the dreaded Water Temple!

Already I see an issue with the Boots and pausing the game
I think the changes in Zelda games over the years are a good illustration of how game design and people's expectations changed over the years.

Its really interesting to me to see people talk about "helpful info from Navi" when at the time people hated Navi for making things too helpful and too easy. I think trial and error and sometimes not knowing what to do was just more accepted at the time OOT came out (although not as much as when the original Zelda or Zelda 2 came out, some things in those games are wayyyy more cryptic than anything in OOT).


Yep, same for me, Twilight Princess is my least favourite Zelda. I even liked Skyward Sword more.
I definitely consider TP the worst of the mainline 3d Zelda games. All the puzzle bosses really turned me off on the game. (Plus the whole you eventually get to explore but only late in the game thing as well.)


I have an adapter that lets me plug an n64 and a ps1 controller in to usb. But I bought it years ago so not sure if they still make it..
I haven’t used it in years either so not sure it still works..
I've actually looked for those but can't find them anymore. All that's available is the ralphnet ones, and it's super expensive shipping to the US. They also have some weird issue with emulators.


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Sometimes I wonder how bad the water temple would’ve been for me had I been older with less free time when it came out. I mean, as a 12 year old I just kept at it until I was done. Nowadays I definitely would’ve “ain’t nobody got time for this shit” and looked up the solutions.

Boot swapping was lame tho

fart town usa

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Gamecube port actually! The 8 way aiming is not good with that analog stick.
Put like 7 hours into the game today. Lazy sunday.

I actually managed to get the heart piece at the horseback archery on the first try, lol. I swear, it took me like an hour on the WiiU. Accurate sensitivity on the N64 really does make that big of a difference.

OT, made it all the way to Ganon's Castle. Spirit Temple was frustrating as shit at two different parts and the Shadow Temple boss always gives me the treatment. Managed to get him though. It's a great dungeon and I feel like the only boss in the game that is actually challenging.
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