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LTTP: Octopath Traveler


Neighbours from Hell
Never got around to playing the game until now, always was interested in it. Heard great things. I’m 50+ hours in and I like the game a lot. I don’t love it though.

Art style. Maybe my favorite thing about the game. The backgrounds of the areas and dungeons, the visual effects they added, it’s gorgeous. Sparkling sands, rushing waters. Like the character designs as well.

Battle system. It’s good. Not as good to me as the Bravely Default system or Radiant Historia systems I’ve played recently. But it offers a good blend of strategy and customization. Like the weakness system.

Job system. Like how each character can have multiple jobs and you can mix and match passive skills.

Dungeons. They’re short and don’t overstay their welcome. Games that try to pad the length with dungeons that can be 50% shorter always are annoying. These are short and to the point. Very beneficial because of one of my dislikes next.

Random battles. I know you can limit he frequency. Still. They always suck. Good thing dungeons and areas aren’t too big to explore.

Story. I think it started off as a major strength of the game for me when I started playing. The uniqueness of splitting between 8 characters. But I have to admit it has started to change to more of a weakness. I prefer one central story opposed to following the stories of 8 different characters. And the dialogue is starting to wear on me. It’s nothing this game does different than most JRPGs. But one of the reasons I limit my JRPG intake every year is the tropes start to wear on me. The overly sentimental speeches and monologues where I’m like I just don’t fucking care. Enough already. But that’s JRPGs. I hope it’ll change one day, I doubt it will.

Content. Seems to be decent enough variety for a game of this length that isn’t open world. I think they did a good job with it. Optional dungeons and bosses and stuff.

Overall good game. I would call it a good game, not a great game, but definitely have enjoyed my time with it so far.


Was pretty average I think.
They could have made much more with the settings, there was barely interaction between the characters.
Dungeons were bland and boring, nothing special like FF7 Mako Reactor etc.
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I really appreciate the art style but disliked the cast and the separate stories. I also thought the break battle system slowed everything down. Overall it wasn't my cup of tea but the art direction and 2DHD tech tickled nostalgia and I'm glad that visual style is coming to other rpg staples like the DQ3 remake.

The Shepard

The difficulty spike on the second character stories was massive, I was enjoying the game till that point and never finished it as I'm not a fan of grinding.
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