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LTTP: Silent Hill 3 - The Next Remake?


I've been playing SH3 on PCSX2 and with some upscaling the game still looks really great!

Runs great on Steam Deck btw

This game aged like fine whine.
If 2 Remake is successful I expect Konami to remake 1 and 3, maybe even 4 down the line. They should have started on 1 though. I get that 2 is more popular but 1 is also fantastic and I think fans would be more acceptable of it than they are being with 2.
Unfortunately, SH3 wasn't as commercially successful as the first two games, despite it still being a solid entry. So I doubt Konami would bother to remake it. The original isn't that long either. It's relatively short. But at least some of the assets could be recycled, like several of the streets and the hospital.
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