MAD MAX |OT| Beyond Thunderpoon


I have about maybe 18 or 20 hours in and I am still primarily sticking to the first main area in in the southeast portion of the map cause there is so much to do and this map is quite large and dense.

One thing this game really NAILS is your sense of advancement when it comes to your character and your car. It does not hurt too that the side activities and camps are actually fun to complete so I am actually enjoying myself while advancing up rather than feeling like I am grinding. I feel bad I waited so long to play this.

The only thing that kind of irritates me is the camera panning. It feels like there is a slight delay when I try to pan around (on PS4 Pro). Other than that though, damn fine game!!


A company being excited for their new game is a huge slap in the face to all the fans that liked their old games.
Holy shit this game is repetitive.

I've stopped at the first main line gastown mission.

I've unlocked the ultimate V6 and that struggles to carry the Fracas frame.

I don't like the fact that the Magnum Opus isn't an unique vehicle like the Batmobile.

Meaning, I'm not digging the archangels thing one bit. I'd like it better if you were building the thing to be the absolute meanest vehicle in the land, not choosing between different looks and specializations.

I'm grinding my way through Jeets area trying to bring it to threat level 0, but damn if this game isn't the worst example of checklist game design.
Sorry for the bump im pretty lttp with this and have been playing on and off for the last few weeks

I've just unlocked pink eyes base and have kind of been focusing on the main story - I'm not doing much of the side stuff - I already feel behind the curve in terms of upgrades for the Magnus opus but don't want to deal with lowering area threat which looks like a checklist chore of minefields/ scarecrows and camps

Am I likely to be able to complete the game without the upgrades tied to lowering threat level? I'm still doing the wastelander missions as so far at least they seem somewhat reasonable

I guess I'm just wary of hitting a wall just before the last few missions and never getting to finish it!

Edit: just finished it and had a lot of fun with it! I did all the wastelander missions as they became available but mostly ignored the junk on the map and completed it no problem!
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