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Madden NFL 22 on PC will be based on the old-gen version


Maybe they wait until “potato” PCs can run the ports on purpose. I wonder what percentage of the player base for these titles those users represent.


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EA has just announced the latest part in its Maden NFL series, Madden NFL 22, will be based on the old-gen console version for PC.

What this means is that the PC version will not have the gameplay features that will be present in Madden NFL 22 Next-Gen.
These features are Dynamic Gameday, Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI, Home Field Advantage, and Star-Driven AI.
Furthermore, its graphics will not be as good as what PS5 and Xbox Series X owners will be getting.

As the official press release of Madden NFL 22 reads:
"Dynamic Gameday, Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI, Home Field Advantage, Star-Driven AI are only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S."

In November 2020, EA claimed that FIFA 21 was old-gen on PC because EA did not want to raise its PC system requirements.

Haven't bought a Madden game since 98' on N64. They are absolutely soulless now.


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The PS5/Series version is a major upgrade from last gen and is 100% worth the $10 premium. And I say that as both a PS5 and Series X owner who has not yet paid $70 for a new game (except 32x games 25 years ago).

EA doesn't deserve shit for this. The upgrade was free last year. Not every company did that.


Gimped games for low end systems is all PC has had the past 10-15 years. Everything is either made for console, or simplified somehow to permit a future console release.

And to add to the history lesson here, it is now every major sports game announced (Madden, FIFA, and 2K's NBA 2K) that are not using the next-gen engine for the PC version.

It's not about "laziness", it's about the PCMR not being sportsball players.

It sucks, and they deserve scorn from those who really wanted the PC game they can't have, but the angry ranters are the loud-yet-small minority, and the reality is the player base for PC sports games is on affordable and portable specs. They make the games for sports fans. (Sports fans all across the world, BTW, including many territories where a high-spec PC is a luxury they can't afford or anything bigger than their laptop would take up a chunk of their living space.) GAFers can get huffy about what developers/publishers should do with their products (and there is a little vicious cycle involved, where by not making next-gen on PC, there's no next-gen on PC to show demand for...), but the numbers are probably clear in the boardrooms as far as what specs should be the target for these PC releases.

(Ideally, either EA or 2K could have produced dual PC versions where you download the one that matches your specs and and had different online lobbies for each player base. However, none of these sports games have cross-play yet and may never have it depending on contracts and console bickering and whatever else is holding that back, and dividing the online community could cut into PC hard.)
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