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Madden NFL 24 is Reportedly 'Make or Break' for EA


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

EA Sports insiders have revealed the company is moving forward with a "now or never" approach as development on Madden NFL 24 progresses. While EA has offered discounts and closed beta access for players who lost their save files, reports from the developer reveal that EA Sports is placing a heavy importance on Madden NFL 24's sales. EA Sports staff members reportedly mentioned major changes set for the franchise's leadership, should Madden NFL 24 see similar controversy to the previous entry.

EA Sports has yet to make any official reveals related to Madden NFL 24, however sources report Franchise Mode is a heavy focus. Improving contract management is reportedly high priority for developers working on Madden NFL 24's Franchise Mode, alongside a plethora of smaller additions and changes. Franchise Mode has been one of Madden NFL 23's heaviest points of criticism, both due to the save file corruption and several bugs within the mode. EA's presentation of major seasonal events like the Super Bowl and NFL Draft have also seen poor feedback from fans.
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