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Major Spider-Man: No Way Home Leaked Spoiler Images


So they’re real, Campea’s beyond fucked.
He dead.



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If those are real….. like wtf they looked poorly comped and the light sources don’t line up.



Why do modern critics and leakers almost always have that smug look, like " I told you ", when they're right once in 10 times? All are guilty of doing it even when they claim to have inside knowledge.

Apart from Kermode, he is a legend and knows his shit before broadcasting his opinion. God knows how many film plots he could have commented and leaked before release to spoil anyone who couldn't see it before release.


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It's what we all already knew right? But cool. I am looking forward to losing my mind in an organism of nostalgia while watching this movie.


It's all real. Charlie Cox has been said to be in the film for a year plus by insiders. He's also going to be in Disney+ shows to come.

This film sounds insane. Three different versions of Spider-Man from previous films, including the villains from the film's, plus Dr Strange and Daredevil! Anybody else that I've missed? Will Venom also be making an appearance? Ghost Rider?

We have to be close to a second trailer right?


i want to see spidey daredevil and this dude in one movie

and of course

and then even venom, morbius and maybe even return of carnage?

this is headed in a very good direction you ask me
Man the Spider-Man cinematic universe is already looking better than DCEU


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O my god that second pic is hype as fuck, I really hope that character gets the proper spotlight in the future.


This movie is going to be fun. I wasn't very excited before we started hearing the multiverse rumors. I hope we see Willem Dafoe in the final trailer.

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OOTL here, who is this John Campea guy and why are people shitting on him?
He's one of the more prominent film "pundits" aka guy who talks about movies on YouTube.
He's not bad at his job by any means, but he rubs a lot of people the wrong way, mostly for:

A. Being smug
B. Back peddling
C. the way he interacts with fans and relies on their "super chat" money

Nothing very egregious, it's mostly a personality thing. I've watched his show for a long time, but he occasionally annoys me too. He can come across as disingenuous sometimes.
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It’s practically a cameo here. Very small part. But he‘s supposed to be in the D+ shows and suited up in one of them.
That bums me out. I loved the netflix shows. I wish he suited uo in the movie.

Daredevil and Punisher were great. I really liked the first season of luke cage too.


Imagine going into this movie blind, lmao. I was on a kick with going into media blind that let up a bit before this movie started coming along.
I mean, I'd have had to give up forums and reddit for it to even be possible, but it's crazy to imagine.


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I can't believe they are finally starting to build up to Avengers vs Justice League. That Superman cameo!

Cool spoiler but not surprising.
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Why tho?

It‘s not like this film wasn’t going to be hugely popular anyway without spoilers being released. It didn’t need the extra hype.

Don’t buy it. This is a fuck up.

How has nobody done a 300/BvS crossover with "THIS. IS. MARTHA". And fucks her into the pit.

Actual sex, not kicking her. A brave ending, full of romance.


Superman fucks his own adopted mother while failing down the pit in 300?!??

Get help.

Or Batman!

It's a break down of linguistics here. To fuck somebody into something is a push where I live but can vary in tone and country. Example 'Fuck somebody under a bus'. Google it.

EDIT: Whoops I did. Well my intention was being funny across 2 films but was meant as a double-entendre. Nothing else I assure you.
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