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Major Third-Party PlayStation Exclusive Rumored to be Revealed This Year

Sony’s slate of games for 2022 includes PlayStation exclusives like God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West, as well as multi-platform games like Elden Ring. However, according to the Sacred Symbols PlayStation podcast, there are other games that will mean an increase in promotional budget: “Apparently marketing spending is increasing greatly this year, indicating that Sony is anticipating a large year beyond — I would assume — the games we know imminently most about: Horizon, Gran Turismo, etc.” The one thing that’s causing the biggest increase in budget is “a major, yet unrevealed, third-party exclusive”.

Despite talking to “someone in the know at Sony”, the podcast couldn’t say what this game was likely to be. They speculated that the news could fit in with recent rumors that the next BioShock game would be a timed exclusive, or that there could be an unannounced title from FromSoftware.



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Another day, another rumor!

Since it's a 3rd party exclusive, I guess it's automatically a better game?

Of course, we all know it will be a sequel to this 3rd party exclusive.

After all who better to bring a new "Halo Killer" when the new Halo is essentially an Ubisoft game than Ubisoft.
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"Apparently marketing spending is increasing greatly this year..."

This only works when you have enough to supply demand. So, the source knows nothing.

It's clear Sony has a lot to reveal, any average GAF member can understand that.


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timed exclusives let’s gooooooooo

i don’t know what it is but I know it’s gonna be sickkkkkkkkkk
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I also know from an internal source that Microsoft is going to reveal a new game in 2022. Heard it here first folks, don't forget to like and subscribe.
Yeah, well, my uncle works at Nintendo and he told me that they too are making a game exclusive for Switch. If you want more exclusive news and inside scoops, remember to hit like and click subscribe.


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.

timed exclusives let’s gooooooooo

i don’t know what it is but I know it’s gonna be sickkkkkkkkkk

Timed exclusive to PC, maybe.
But for Xbox? depends on what game though.
I still think FF Remake and Kena is not coming to Xbox.
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Hmmm From Software's new Armored Core or Bioshock 🤔

Imagine if the crazy rumor about Grand Theft Auto 6 being timed exclusive for PS5 was true 😂


lol Timed Exclusives. When will they learn.

I dont think anyone bought a PS5 because Deathloop, Godfall and forspoken were timed exclusives. Just a waste of cash.

Give Naughty Dog multiple teams with 500 people each instead of wasting hundreds of millions on these deals.


Deathloop: Director's Cut, you heard it here first folks.

What ever happened with this thing? Last thing I remember there was this huge fiasco with putting the demo on PS5, did they finally managed to do it and show something, anything?
It’s coming soon, in Q1.
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