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Margaret Thatcher Returns In New Doom Mod Thatcher's Techbase

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Read the article and my post. Then apologise please.
I’m not apologising to a Thatcher defender. You said Short took it away from the youngest children, yet you confirmed Thatcher took it away from primary-age children. Get your facts straight. I’m backing out, I refuse to give you the satisfaction of getting me banned for politics talk. Have fun defending a vile cunt.


Delusional. Or misinformed. Not sure which. People danced on that cunts grave when she died. Does that sound like someone who was the best leader the UK ever had? You may have Personally loved the bitch. But she was hated by millions. And continues to be so. You linking that hatred with left wing snowflakes is bollocks. Like your opinion.

Nah son. The difference is I was actually old enough to be politically aware during her premiership and actively studying politics at 6th form. I was at at Uni at the height of her unpopularity and spent plenty of time mixing with people of all political persuasion, Red Wedge tours, Redskins gigs, you name it.

So yeah, I was there and able to have a good grasp of what was actually happening beyond the massively slanted headlines and media coverage which was as hilariously partisan then as it is now. You know middle-class chancers like Ben Elton making fortunes of "kids are good, grownups are bad. Vote Labour Vote Labour Vote Labour".

Its ALWAYS been the same. The left talk a good game but when it comes down to it they are just as bad as the Tories when it comes to helping the working classes. They just prey on their fears and biases, and the tribalism where you inherit your politics from your parents and your area like your football team.

Was everything Thatcher did good? Hell no, her political legacy is complex and difficult but on balance she dragged at least some of the country out of the shitter. And make no mistake about it, the state of the country in 1979 when she took control was horrific.
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