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Marvel Midnight Suns | Review Thread


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Game Information

Game Title
: Marvel's Midnight Suns


  • Xbox Series X/S (Dec 2, 2022)
  • PlayStation 5 (Dec 2, 2022)
  • Xbox One (Dec 2, 2022)
  • PlayStation 4 (Dec 2, 2022)
  • PC (Dec 2, 2022)
  • Nintendo Switch (Dec 2, 2022)

Developer: Firaxis Games

Publisher: 2K Games

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MetaCritic (PC):

Critic Reviews

AusGamers - KostaAndreadis - 8 / 10
Marvel's Midnight Suns is huge, not only in terms of the apocalyptic demons and Elder Gods story it tells over the course of several cinematic story missions but in how the relationships between all the superheroes and The Hunter develop over the course of dozens of hours. In Midnight Suns you take on the role of The Hunter, a superhero and partial blank canvas that you can define the look of, choose all of the various outfits they'll wear, and even decide how best to decorate their room at The Abbey.

Checkpoint Gaming - Charlie Kelly - 9 / 10
Marvel's Midnight Suns is a fantastic tactical adventure that adds much-needed depth to the superhero genre. Taking advantage of deeper-cut characters and lore, a heartfelt and sweeping story is told, even finding a way to make an entirely new character fit into the fray. Accompanying that are engaging and curious mysteries to find around the Abbey grounds and a nice feeling of found family among friends. Losing track of time as I had talks with my favourite superhumans, doing whatever menial task at hand too was a particular highlight. Even in these moments of charming oddities, characterisation is stellar. Rounding it all off is another superb tactical experience from Firaxis Games, this time going all in on approachability and options to dominate the battlefield in your own personal ways. This is one of the best tactical games of the year. Marvel as a franchise still has some fight in it yet, and I can't wait to have more experiences like this from them in the future.

Dexerto - Lloyd Coombes - 4 / 5
Marvel's Midnight Suns shines brightly in a year full of excellent strategy RPGs thanks to a heartfelt love for the license, and a huge roster of fantastically realized characters to go along with a unique card-based battle system.
While there's definitely some filler to be found within the walls of the Abbey, this is an interesting new take on Marvel's mystical side, and one I can't wait to see more of.

Eurogamer - Christian Donlan - Recommended
Great tactical fun nestled in a sweet-natured superhero dollhouse

Gamepur - Dave Rodriguez - 9 / 10
Marvel's Midnight Suns has a fun campaign packed with really in-depth systems. Every facet of the social interaction and the card-based combat system should clash, considering how far apart they are in presentation and function. However, the two halves come together to create a great Marvel game. It lives up to the legacy of tactical depth Firaxis is known for, without copying and pasting XCOM with Marvel heroes and calling it a day.

GamesHub - Leah Williams - 5 / 5
While its ideas may be supernaturally-charged, and inspired by one of the strangest periods in Marvel Comics, it remains grounded and personal – imbuing its excellent tactical combat with high emotions and stakes. In dark times, light can still shine – and in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you and your team of heroes are that light.

Geek Culture - Jake Su - 9 / 10
To sum it all up, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is everything a licensed game can be with a sprinkling of Firaxis magic in many areas. The action is bombastic and great to see in action, the top-tier tactical depth and strategic play deliver near-infinite replayability, and the narrative does consistently surprise in the most pleasant of ways. While there are areas that can be further refined, it shouldn’t take too much away from what is a quintessential turn-based affair, and a true superhero fantasy come to life.

One More Game - Chris Garcia - Buy
Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a stellar outing from Firaxis, and it’s a great choice for those looking for a deeply strategic game that has layers of systems working together to provide an engaging combat loop that will keep you looking forward to the next one.
Depending on your tastes, the Abbey section may or may not be to your liking. Due to the fact that it was a section that required a lot of reading and dialog, the bad writing really struck a nerve with me and made the whole experience quite tedious. In the end, though, the fun of the combat sequences can make you overlook all of this, giving you that “one more game” itch to scratch.

PCGamesN - Samuel Willetts - 9 / 10
A superhero game that teases the brain as much as it can tug at the heart, with rich strategy mechanics, great writing, and wonderful characters. A few bugs and visual problems aside, this is a great tactical RPG.

VGC - Jordan Middler - 5 / 5
Marvel’s Midnight Suns combines addictive, deep strategy gameplay with a cast of characters that make the moments outside of the action just as rich and enjoyable as those in it. A lengthy campaign packed with missions to go on and relationships to form with Earth's Mightiest Heroes make Marvel's Midnights Suns a modern strategy classic and one of 2022's biggest surprises.

WellPlayed - Nathan Hennessy - 6 / 10
A tight card-driven skirmisher is the beating heart of a deeply troubled Marvel game, burdened by feature creep and endless hours of terrible dialogue.
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I loved the Xcom games, ddint know this was made the same guys. Card based though, never liked those types of games before but if it has a similar addictive strategy to Xcom I might have to look into this.
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Cheques came in! Looks like the Marvel IPs still have some money left!

The PC performance as mentioned in the Skill Up video even drops to 10 FPS on a 4090 rig... this is a huge joke.

Skill Up also describes the writing and characters as completely poorly written.
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Does any review mention how the game runs on Steam Deck? That’s the main use case for me so I’m curious about performance, controller support, etc.
Yea I was thinking of picking up a Steam Deck in the new year and games like this seem perfect so interested if it’s worth grabbing on Steam or even Switch
I always see someone posts this question. Why ? isn't all steam games run on deck ? game doesn't look very advanced graphically to worry about the deck.

I thought Deck can run windows too so I am not following the issue

Not all Steam games run on the Deck, not even close. Valve has a system of verification for games, and they're making their way through tons of them in order to see if the Deck runs them or not.

The Deck can indeed run Windows, but it's primarily a Linux device that uses a code layer to facilitate running games that aren't Linux native. There are myriad reasons why games don't run well, or indeed at all, on the Steam Deck, mainly things like performance, controls, and such. Some games don't support changing their resolution to that of the Deck, others are super mouse-heavy (the Deck has touchpads to use as a mouse, but some games don't work well with it), etc.

Unfortunately, it's just a given then for Steam Deck owners to instantly question if a game runs well or at all on the Deck. Others can probably explain it better than I can.


Mine - Wait
Disappointing in a lot of ways. The main gameplay is ok but the locations are incredibly almost laughably small, the mission design is so repetitive it hurts, and the writing and lack of ANY work on the vocals for processing is stunningly bad

Also, this game runs really poorly. Even on my 4090 and with RT off. Which hurts all the time your walk and explore the entire time in the outside battle sections. Because there is a ton of that. And with this games graphics in that section its the biggest puzzle of the game. Why can a spot that looks so bad and mobile like, run so horribly.
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The part in the Skill Up review about Blade and Wolverine being nice guys :messenger_tears_of_joy:

Nice scores but I'm not feeling it. Midnight Suns is tracking below the other big releases dropping this week so it will be interesting to see how it performs.


After watching Skill ups review i don't understand those high ratings. Half of the game is just unplayable.
Bugs Bunny Money GIF by Looney Tunes

IF not money then other kickbacks, don't act like other perks like free shit to encourage padded scores isn't real.

Ad revenue for the site is also money.
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After watching Skill ups review i don't understand those high ratings. Half of the game is just unplayable.

Imagine being the cretin giving this a 9/10 or 5/5 score. Gotham Knights all over again, it seems. Crippling performance issues completely glanced over or brushed aside as trivial. Game runs at 10fps on a 4090, for fuck's sake.

But what else is to be expected from well-known and respected outlets like "Checkpoint Gaming", "Gamepur" and "PCGamesN".


I am a bit sad to see how much influence a "review" score has over people, specially with people on here, who I would consider enthusiasts.


I loved the Xcom games, ddint know this was made the same guys. Card based though, never liked those types of games before but if it has a similar addictive strategy to Xcom I might have to look into this.
It can be fun for sure. One thing to remember is this card system skews pretty heavily towards mobile when gathering. You have a number of stations that tell you text for missions. Assign a hero to that mission and they just disappear to come back later with a card or item. During that time of course they can't be used for anything. Talking, battles, birthday parties, book clubs and such.
You sometimes get them at the end of particular playable battles (rare). Also in another collection system, the particles from each hero you gain. You then have Tony analyze them to get more cards. That you then take to another station to combine them if you have the money. Lastly, you can build them in another section with DR strange and Tony, if you have other collected bits like blueprints and that cards energy type.
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im SUPER happy its getting positive reviews.

I know this game is gonna suffer sales-wise due to poor marketing and its a shame, i hope im wrong.

I can ignore the shit part that Skill Up mentioned, i honestly will prob skim through that crappy dialogue lol


Game sounds overwrought and dramatic in the Abbey scenes. . .just like FE: Three Houses in the school scenes. And FETH is a great game. Sucks that some of the reviewers couldn't get over that, but I'm all in on this game "vapid story" (/snort) and all.

So now every review except for the negative ones is invalid and paid-for? Good to know.

Basically. The weight some people give to some reviewers at the complete exclusion of other opinions is wild.
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Can you skip the talking sections? Or do you have to do it and pay attention.
You can almost always skip or speed through talking sections. HOWEVER, the game doesn't alert you to whats coming up. This means sometimes a choice pops up about something you don't know what people talked about. Or you can skip right past giving your other superfriends the random gifts you buy. Losing out on extra love


Can't really afford this right now unfortunately, thankfully the preorder bonus doesn't look like anything crazy... Just a Dr strange skin? I will have to buy later or wait till it's on sale I guess


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The Skillup review got me interested...and then completely unsold me in the second half.
I mostly hate relationship stuff in games (Mass Effect being the only exception) and from the examples he showed this one is particularly bad at it.
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