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Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Official Trailer | Disney+


I....don't like the costume??? I get the whole Egypt thing, but I wish it was more 1980s comic accurate and didn't look like a mummy.


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It has definitely piqued my interest. I agree with the comment about mummy lol, it does seem a bit odd


Looks awesome and Issac is great. But that British accent is awful. Even if it's meant to be an aspect of the plot that it's not his real accent, I can't believe that he could live and work in London talking like that with people not constantly asking "why are you doing a fake accent?"

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I went to watch Netflix Daredevil for the first time (LttP I know) after watching all Disney shows and finally Hawkeye and I got to say that show is better than anything Disney produced so far. Hopefully Moon Knight change that especially after the so rushed show that is Hawkeye.


I wonder how much of the blatant ripping off of Batman they’ll drop from this series. Because boy, does it rip Batman off a lot.
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Here is more Super Hero stuff that most people haven't heard of. I gather he is a hero that does stuff then forgets what he did.


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i was actually enjoying that right up until he put on a stupid fucking looking costume

Yep looked interesting and then out of nowhere, it goes full 1997 SPAWN with that piss poor, completely unnecessary transformation.

The cowl/eyes look static and terrible. I like the comic look as much as the next guy with the whited out eyes but when it comes to film, everything around that needs to constantly be in motion in order to emote. Deadpool is probably the only property that pulled that effect off well and it was probably a massive amount of manpower. Again, just looks like shitty SPAWN.


Looks fun and possibly trippy. I never read Moon Knight save for the first trade volume from his 2014 run which I remember being a really good anthology comic.
I'm intrigued. Used to do the same thing with throwing my cube in the air in quiet moments. Didn't quite see it on Oscar's face but for me there was a moment of questioning and contemplation at the vertex. Weightlessness and related stuff. It's one of the reasons I find Arthur Dent missing the ground so funny.

Knew nothing about this character's role and abilities before the trailer and still don't since the trailer didn't convey that, but it had personality and I am charmed.


As a non-comic reader, I understood nothing of what was going on. Hopefully the next trailer reveals more…

Taking another look yes only fans will get it. doesn't tell new people anything and will only be confusing. MK is not a household name like Batman/Superman so dose need an introduction. Then again maybe it will be better for 1st timers to not to know anything, they will get more surprises.

So just go in blind. don't look anything up.


I don't care for the costume, but I am down for a different kind of superhero/marvel show. Love OI in anything he does!
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Anybody watch this yet? I'm about to have it on the other screen while I semi-work in Covid isolation. We'll see how it is...

Just watched the first episode. It's nothing special so far but it was entertaining. Almost felt like I was watching a standard Marvel origin story movie that cuts to credits a third in.

Oscar Isaac is fun in the role and Ethan Hawke has potential to be a decent villain.

There was a distractingly fake looking car chase but I guess a lower budget is to be expected.


There was a distractingly fake looking car chase but I guess a lower budget is to be expected.

Yeah that really stood out, worst cg I've seen in a while.

I was kinda meh on the first ep. I'll give ep 2 a chance and see how it goes.

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This is certainly better than the boring and generic shit that was The Falcon and The Winter Soldier plus Hawkeye. Even if the CGI looks like it is from early 2000s video game cutscene.


First ep was entertaining. Nothing special, but not terrible. Will continue to watch till the end for, hopefully, some decent fights.


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Guarantee this will end up being just as bad as the other Marvel TV properties. I don't know why I keep punishing myself by watching them and hoping they'll magically get good.
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