Mass Effect 4 now in early development


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In a recent update on the company's official blog, BioWare commented on its upcoming projects. When mentioning the new Mass Effect, the company stated that the game is now in an early stage of development.

We're working on more than just Dragon Age. There's also the next game in the Mass Effect universe, which is now in early development. It will be a while before we can talk about this in more detail, but we can't wait to show you what we're working on!


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See you in 10 years

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I'm always puzzled by what they mean by early development. Does that mean they're now actively doing things like artwork, assets, mechanics etc? What was being done in between them releasing that teaser trailer in Dec 2020 and now?


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
See y'all in 2030.

Dragon Age is year(s) away and that has been in some form of development for a bunch of years now.


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I feel like they already announced this months ago.

Just shut up and get on with it, the game's not going to be ready until 2027.


oh yeah very excited , especialy with devs like these

Busche's announcement was followed by two statements from her. The first, "To LGBTQIA+ and under-represented players, we see you. Quality representation is critical," suggests addressing these short-comings will be a priority in DA4
People like her were a reason why Andromeda had the worst writing in video game history.


Right now it's just a name. We shouldn't allow ourselves to hype until we see, read, and hear more. After Andromeda, my expectations are bottom of the barrel.
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Cant wait for EA to announce that its way ahead of schedule, only to be released as a buggy broken mess.
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I thought it may have been in development since the legacy collection was released, done and I guess at this rate we won't get it until 2024 if we are lucky..
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