MCU's own What If...?

Sort of glad this show is over. Ready for the next series. Looking forward to Shang Chi hitting the service as well.

The Dr. Strange episode remains the best, with the "Super Ultron" episode a close second. The T'Challa Star-Lord episode was fun but not on par with those two other episodes.

The rest of the episodes just weren't good. Here's hoping that the finale is strong.


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So... I was initially right...

It was the team up... And Gamora's episode was cut for next season
So... I was initially right...

It was the team up... And Gamora's episode was cut for next season
Very good, thanks for confirming.

Wait -- what about the "Gamora Arrives!" tweet on the previous page of this thread?

In any case, I'll check out this episode later tonight. Cheers!
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Thought the episode was good (better than IGN’s 5, ouch), but some of the logic bothered me. We’ve discussed that Infinity Stones shouldn’t work outside of the universe in which they exist, but in What If, Ultron can use them in any universe. However, when Gamora used the stone crusher on them, it didn’t work because it only worked on the stones from her universe. If the stones work in ANY universe, then the stone crusher should also work in any universe.

The watcher mentioned Gamora killed Thanos, so assuming that’s in the episode that was cut.


Not a spoiler but she's in there.

My wife and I were confused about Gamora being there because we hadn't seen her in any other episode. What you guys said earlier about Gamora's episode being cut for season 2 makes sense now. Really enjoyed the last episode, lots of fun and intense action.
There were a lot of cool things about this episode. This "Guardians of the Multiverse" alt-Avengers group is a fun concept that hopefully gets expanded on in the future. It was cool how they even did a "panning shot" of the group in almost the exact same style that is done in the original Avengers movie.

In practical terms though... did they really need a team? Dr. Strange was unquestionably the MVP, he pretty much singlehandedly carried the entire team for the entirety of the episode.

I mean in fairness this is also a problem with the original cinematic Avengers. How do you try to balance a team and make all members feel "important" to the audience when you've got god-tier people (Thor, Hulk) in the same team as street level punch-and-gun people (Black Widow, Hawkeye)?
fun episode, some good fights and good chuckles "Via Las Vegas!". ending feels a little underwhelming but I'll take it. overall a good conclusion for the season. also, Dark Strange freaking carried the team. dude deserve a better ending than "spend eternity keeping watch over 2 assholes".
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