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Mergers and Acquisitions |OT| Thread Merged

Acquisitions and mergers official topic

  • Is this thread organic enough?

  • The thread merging will lead to the collapse of the forums industry

  • Anti-trust laws should prevent people from creating threads

  • This gaming forum has not been bought out

  • The monopolization of OTs is bad for gaming discussion

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Further consolidation is bad. We already have too much. Pay for exclusivity and let the devs/pubs remain independent.

I don't really play any Ubisoft games, so it won't affect me either way.


I don't know how this would work and not be a huge mess. There are over 50 offices, 18,000 people and many of their projects are in in poor shape.
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I watched a clip of him today
he said the worst thing we (engineers) can do is struggle to optimise something that should not exist, ergo Ubisoft and the mess it has made should not even exist
Tell that to the auto wipers in my model 3 that use the cameras to detect rain instead of an integral rain sensor
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Gavon West

I'm almost sure Microsoft could buy Ubi and still not be in danger of a monopoly. In fact, they'd probably still be number #3 behind Sony. The only IP I care for when it comes to Ubisoft is Splinter Cell. Damn the rest
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