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Metacritic has pledged to introduce stricter moderation after “abusive and disrespectful" Horizon: Forbidden West DLC review bombing this weekend.


Sony's tentacles at work again.
People's negative reaction is ad nauseam of wokeism's constant propaganda, not bigotry.
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Where is the franchise with the heterosexual woman as a protagonist? Why do women have to be lesbians almost necessarily at this point? A normal woman would be uninteresting somehow?
I think the better question is: Why is it always the women?
Why haven't they been as stunning and brave with a male lead yet?

We all know the answer to that. Despite the backlash, it's more palatable to (predominantly male) gamers to have some lesbo action than it is for a male lead to be gay. Could you imagine how much the internet would have exploded if they had made Nathan Drake, Kratos, or Jin Sakai openly gay and had an on screen romance?


totally useless metric anyways just get rid of it all together. no one will miss it.

why would i care about binary hive-mind of triggered morons? its either stuff like this or console warring by proxy.


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Popular review aggregation site Metacritic has pledged to introduce stricter moderation, after Sony’s Horizon: Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC was review bombed by users.

In response to the review bombing, Metacritic and Fandom told Eurogamer they were aware of the “abusive and disrespectful reviews of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores,” and claimed they were “currently evolving our processes and tools to introduce stricter moderation in the coming months.”
Fuck the DLC of Horizon. 😑


Let me guess, no criticism will be allowed. If people dont like the story, for whatever reason, its their opinion.

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I want MC to start verifying people who actually PLAYED the game (possibly by linking their account) instead of just letting the user review section roam free.

That's much better than defending these people who haven't played the game and are just whining in the comment section.
What about those who haven't played the game yet giving 10/10s left right? Why is MC giving a statement just after this particular dlc?


What about those who haven't played the game yet giving 10/10s left right? Why is MC giving a statement just after this particular dlc?
How often do positive MC scores get attention?

They don't. No one pays attention unless it's a poor Metacritic score. That's the difference.

If you have verified accounts only, then you will help stop spamming of perfect scores and zero scores.


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Steam has solved for this really well tbh, but not everyone can use their solution as not everyone shares Steam's unique value proposition of being both a storefront AND have robust social services that are this deeply intertwined.


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you can have an opinion so long as you've actually engaged with the media for a decent amount of time to form a conclusion on it. Not when you haven't touched it at all and are livid because it wasn't on your gaming box of choice
I never bought The Last of Us 2, because I found out that Sony lied to people about the game before it was released. I'm very opposed to that sort of thing, so I never bought it.* One of the VERY few ways I would have to register my frustration would be a review bomb. I've never review bombed anything in my life, and I didn't with that game either. However, there are very few options left that massive companies give customers in the way of having their voice heard about the products that they make, and those options are decreasing all the time.

But they'll push their censorship just like you tube did, by pretending they're doing it for marginalized groups, when really they're doing it to protect companies from controversy. You'll welcome the change with open arms for LGBT individuals, but you'll also have no way of complaining about pay to win elements being introduced in the latest Call of Duty unless you buy the game first. It's sad enough that companies themselves frequently remove all public feedback options, (can you imagine if Netflix still allowed text reviews for The Witcher and their other programs?) but now we're going to encourage 3rd party sites to silence people as well? It seems like a bad idea to me.

* My issues with the game had nothing to do with being "woke." In at least one interview before the game was released, they told people that you wouldn't have to kill dogs. It was a lie. I would guess that they were trying to "protect" players from a story spoiler.


People shouldnt be able to give user reviews unless they link there console/steam/epic username and it shows they have bought and played the game.

Was too many user reviews with 0 previous reviews or the case of 3 reviewed games: Halo Infinite (Xbox) 10/10- Forza (Xbox) 10/10, GT7 (PS5) 1/10…..
And Im sure it works the other way around too, but theres too much of that obvious bs on there.

Also Horizon DLC got some unwarranted hate (Mostly from the same people who give Halo Infinite 10/10).
Mass Effect and Dragon Age never got the hate for its gay relationships. You could literally ride a gay Minotaur and no1 complained. Its all player choice either way including Aloy’s choice of a kiss. Its not forced on you which is good
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