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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Fan is Restoring The Original Voice Acting


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Mellinas posted an edit of a scene from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, where Solid Snake gives his last regards to Sniper Wolf after her death. It uses the original performance from Hayter, while adjusting the audio to play during specific segments where it would fit. Not only that, Mellinas also posted a clip of the iconic "Do you think love can bloom on the battlefield" scene between Otacon and Snake, using Christopher Randolph and David Hayter's original voice acting as well, along with the restoration of "The Best is Yet To Come," a song that was absent in the Twin Snakes release.

Mellinas then posted to Twitter about a potential full edit of the entire game, where it would feature just cut out Twin Snakes' over-the-top cutscenes, restore the original dub and remove those aforementioned cutscenes, or even go the full nine yards and restore the original dub and score while removing said offending cutscenes. Mellinas was also asked if there would be a mod or a patch to apply to the game, though Mellinas flatly said no, as it'd be a video only.



I thought the files harbouring the realtime cutscene assets, were impossible to decrypt.

I would juat be interested in the original cutscene ost above all.

Also, simply cutting the scenes where someone does a crazy jump or something like that, will just make everything look choppy. Unless Konami re-does the mo-cap and re-edits the cutscenes to match the original, there's nothing that can be done with just a hack.
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