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Microsoft’s new Xbox Home UI is getting reworked after complaints over ‘crowded’ backgrounds


uses 'M$' - What year is it? Not 2002.
what are you talking about? you can fully customize your home screen... you can have your pins be the first thing you get to by pressing RT/Down
Not anymore with this update you have to look at new releases on game pass section first lmao


uses 'M$' - What year is it? Not 2002.
Yeah not sure what he is smoking
yeah I’ll take a apology. You cant move pins above that game pass section
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Dr. Claus

Vincit qui se vincit
What on earth do you do on your Xbox if you "can never move away" from the 2 small add squares on the start page?

for me, the start page is the least used page in terms of time spent there, and this by a landslide.

I either instantly start a game from there, go down to my Pins, or go into my library.
just like on PS5 I instantly scroll either left or right.

it absolutely is when they have an ad deal going
The Explore tab rotates. There have been times where the entire background wallpaper turns into the ad they are promoting.

We will just have to agree to disagree.
Sure Jan GIF


There's no way you guys liked this UI. This was literally the worst one and had the worst form of navigation. So much screen space wasted and then you had infinite scrolling. This has to be peak nostalgia happening right now.
I like it way way more than the earlier versions with green squares and grey menus.
Yeah but you know how Xbox is. They have to change the dash 10 times a generation. They can’t leave well enough alone.

It’s more like a Home page reshuffle if anything. Seeing it labelled as a new dashboard is a bit bemusing.

I’d love a proper overhaul to be honest.

I wonder if by 2028 they will have made improvements to Achievements that so many people have requested


They just needed to make the wallpapers designed around only the top 1/6 of the screen being visible. But I think an overhaul is a good thing anyways... Unless they make it worse lol
Disagree the PlayStation is a lot cleaner and that ad at least is just for games and has info like friends online and your trophies shortcuts. The Xbox page is so cluttered with garbage as soon as you scroll down
How can you scroll down? You can remove the pins you don't use, even all the pins. Obviously, you never used an Xbox console before.
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