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Microsoft Patent Could Lead to AI-Composed Video Game Soundtracks


without sounding to pretentious, you could see how it might be trivial for a reasonably sophisticated ai program to create or at least direct the development of a game given that most games in any given genre these days tend to follow one of 3 or 4 "templates", and th accompaniment would be as simple as selecting from a prepopulated database of ai generated music tracks.


Ai written stories, ai modeled environments and characters, ai composed music. I wonder how many people would be willing to play this abomination? If my estimate of normies is any indication, plenty of them.
People play Assassin's Creed n CoD games just fine.
And the ONLY thing that will change if all those things ll be A.I. generated is that dev time for each AC n CoD game ll be cut in 2 n people ll still play this abomination just like they did for the past 15 years.


I think this is great. Many artists are over paid and it is leveling the whole industry to a lower standard. The real great artists will still have their space while the mediocre ones will need to fight for what is left.
jesus f christ. you are jealous of creatives aren't you? Its hard enough to earn money as an artist. If anybody is overpaid its the suits. There is no need to 'level' the industry to a lower standard. That will only lower music quality.
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