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Microsoft refuses to allow PlayStation Plus on Xbox

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Third, Microsoft argues that demand for multi-game subscription services would not tip towards Game Pass because Microsoft would also make Game Pass available on PlayStation (Microsoft, para.1.3(g)). But the wider availability of the leading provider (Game Pass), now endowed with exclusive irreplaceable content, and protected by direct and indirect network effects, would makes it harder - not easier - for rival multi-game subscription services to compete. Microsoft's stance that Game Pass availability on PlayStation would be a panacea for the harm from this Transaction rings particularly hollow given that Microsoft does not permit PlayStation Plus to be available on Xbox.




This is CMA talking. Sony hasnt offered anything to MS.

CMA is saying that MS doesnt have PS+ on their system(Duh). What CMA doesnt understand, is that Xbox has Xbox live gold, which does the same thing as PS+.

This is CMA error.

People dont seem to understand anything, and jump in to conclusion.
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I could've sworn I've read this before.


Kagey K

They’ve offered it to xbox? That’s crazy
Not at all. It's not even an unsubstantiated rumor.

It's literally someone twising a few words in the cma docs to make it seem so.

Anyone can figure out they would try to find a way to make PS+ (extra or premium) work on PC before they offered it to Xbox. Even if they made it work on a browser, it would work on Xbox.

It's all horseshit. (And been discussed in the other thread that was made that got folded into the giant ass merger ot.)
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