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Mirror's Edge - Still Alive - 12 Years Tribute


I still remember the jump from the crane and the start of the song at that moment. Good times.

Obviously my memory is deceiving me and I mixed gameplay with the trailer.

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Graphics and immersion blew away back then. Artistically it's still one of the most impressive works I've seen.

Catalyst on the other hand... well, it couldn't live up to the legacy. Still a very decent game though.
One of my favorite video game series of all time. I still can't believe that we got Catalyst as well, which I can't discribe in any other word but miracle.... and I don't think we'll see another one, sadly.
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Did not like ending. Didn't play Catalyst either. Also I don't remember - could you use weapons there?
Let's see what Perfect Dark will deliver.

Now People talk about graphics...Now Mirrors Edge still looks amazing to this day, so clean, amazing lighting......That's a game that should get more love for graphics...
Well it is more like very nicely done aesthetic rather than graphics. Considering that you are always in motion you don't pay a lot of attention to the surroundings.


I put the trailer in my PSP and used to show it to everyone!
Ah! The times before ubiquitous fast internet.
I downloaded the trailer from PSN on PS3 at high quality and i remember i couldn't stop watching it and listening to that amazing song. I must have watched it more than 100 times honestly.
I'm someone who typically hates (yes "hates") first person games yet that trailer somehow got me really excited for the first time for a First Person game. Still i was a bit skeptical at least until they released the demo and then i got in love with its gameplay and the game's aesthetics. Needless to say i bought it on day one and absolutely loved it.
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Loved the game. Loved the song. This is the game that made me want to get out and try parkour. It's been a long time since a game made me want to go outside (and I mean that as a compliment).


Is Catalyst worth a play-through?
I'd say yes, combat is better, running is as good as the first game but faster and more fluid, solar fields is back for the music, and the city of glass is pretty. Just don't expect it to be too much like the first game, it's not amazing but I'm happy we got a second game at all.
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I’d of liked a third person spin off, wall running like Sunset Overdrive/Spider-Man with Arkham like combat.

I tried the original on Series X and it’s still lovely looking game with a cool score. A shame we are unlikely to see any more Mirrors Edge in the future .


You know what the best thing about Mirror's Edge was?

The first trailer and maybe the first level. It was an ok game.


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
I can't wait for Mirror's Edge VR to be made. Hopefully more like the first, properly designed linear romp, rather than sandbox stuff with only a few good properly designed in a similar way main mission routes...

Low production values early access indie twist is already sweet but yes it takes practice (and to actually play the game unlike someone) to become fluid and smooth like its developers. They keep adding stuff.
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One of my all time favorites

I have all the levels memorized. Finished the game 8 times or so.

There's nothing quite like it. Even Catalyst wasnt able to cath the lightining in a bottle again.

Open world Mirrors Edge is something that sounds amazing on paper, but what made the first game amazing was those self contained levels thst you would memorize and get better and better as you replay them. Think of them as race tracks.

EA could easily recreate what made the first game great with a small budget. Just put a dedicated small team to make amazing short levels, almost no story, and a bunch of time trials.

It would also be an amazing showcase for ray tracing to boot

This franchise has so much untaped potential, it hurts
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I love the song so much. Back then I saw in the store one of the copies of the game with soundtrack CD. I already had the game itself so I skipped it. Now I hate myself for not buying it.


Hype Train conductor. Works harder than it steams.
From a beautiful time, everything has gone to shit now.
I doubt people of today have the heart and soul to make something like it
I hope a Remake is made for Next-Gen with. Ray tracing though 😬
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SF Kosmo

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This was one of my favorite games of that gen. People complained it was short but it was so replayable.

The sequel never did it for me the same way. It had flashes of that brilliance but gave in to its baser instincts about open world filler that was really antithetic to the game's core design.


EA in 2008 released this and Dead Space, and both sold like shit. We gamers deserve what we have. Later someone though it was a good idea to trash DE and make this game a godamn open world. Because gaming in the PS4+ era is about open worlds.
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SF Kosmo

...please disperse...
EA in 2008 released this and Dead Space, and both sold like shit. We gamers deserve what we have. Later someone though it was a good idea to trash DE and make this game a godamn open world. Because gaming in the PS4+ era is about open worlds.
I thought Dead Space 1 and 2 sold well.


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EA in 2008 released this and Dead Space, and both sold like shit. We gamers deserve what we have. Later someone though it was a good idea to trash DE and make this game a godamn open world. Because gaming in the PS4+ era is about open worlds.
Go join Jim sterling with this shit talk "it's gamers fault"


I love this series so much. Both games have their flaws but they are some of my favorite games regardless.

Catalyst didn't deserve the hate that it got. The skill tree and the open world were not nearly as bad as people made them out to be. Yeah, it was dumb to have to unlock basic skills via the skill tree but you had everything that you needed in less than an hour. The open world didn't add much to the game from a design standpoint but if you just played through the story, I honestly think that it was stronger than the original game overall. Fewer highs but way more consistent in quality. And despite the open world not really benefiting the campaign, it was an absolute blast creating your own time trials and competing on the leaderboards after you finished the story. Just running through that world was a zen-like experience, similar to the feeling you get when swinging around in Spider-Man. Obviously the art direction and the music in both games were incredible. Maybe we'll get another reboot sometime this decade but I won't hold my breath.


But it's still dead


This game was a breath of fresh air... It was released during a time where everything was a brown shooter. And even till today, it is one of the most innovative games ever. Many games copied the mechanics afterwards... It's too bad it never got the recognition nor the sequel it deserves.
Yes it needs VR. Have you seen this video? All it's missing is motion controls.

Vorpx sux and Stride VR sucks for its insistence on the dreaded arm swinging locomotion style - VR shouldn't be annoying fitness minigames. I think best suited for a game like this in VR would be infinite runner style, where it just runs automatically through predefined procedurally generated tracks and you either choose to jump, climb, slide down etc, all using gestures. And occasional shooting on the run.

I think Pistol Whip could try this. It kinda fits its vibe and could get more diversified than just shooting and punching...
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