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Miyamoto wants the next 3D Mario game to ‘further expand’ the series

Odyssey went backwards rather than expand anything IMO.


If they want to "expand" their Mario games, it's pretty simple; go back to a vast moveset that allows variety and improvisation, and set it in a world that is large enough to encourage that improvisation. You know, kind of like what they did that one time... well over a quarter century ago.
Odyssey went backwards rather than expand anything IMO. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine game and the cap is a decent mechanic, but it felt far less ambitious than the "anything goes" Galaxy games.

(I also prefer SM3DW over Odyssey. And Bowser's Fury was really cool.)
My experience of Odyssey when I played it on a friend's Switch was running around a desert herding livestock into a pen. I feel like any game that makes you do that inherently cannot understand fun, or at least, my idea of fun.

I like Galaxy though.


I think it's time for a true Mario and Sonic team up adventure. Both characters put in unfamiliar situations from the other's adventures. A chance for some serious fan service. Also, Sunshine is by far the worse entry of 3D Marios, hands down.

I'd honestly like them to bring back Wario to the forefront with a new take on the 3D platformer.
I don't like most Mario games and I think Nintendo is by far the most overrated game developer but I would fully support it if Mario put a Glock to Sonic's head and blew it fucken off. If we're going to have bad games AND no Crush 40 then I'd rather he be put in a grave
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