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Miyazaki says there would have been no Dark Souls without Ico


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Miyazaki acquired Japan Studio AND THEN acquired by Sony confirmed.


I think From Software's Tenchu has more to do with Sekiro.
Yup exactly. Miyazaki even said that Tenchu was not entirely created by Fromsoftware, many outsource studios worked on it.

He said they wanted to make 100% Fromsoftware's ninja game.


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The two have literally nothing in common except maybe a castle, but OK.
Miyazaki made the better game in the end.


Not a fan but I'm glad if they helped him create the Souls games because they are my favorite games ever.


I think From Software's Tenchu has more to do with Sekiro.
I don’t, they play nothing alike. And I understand the history behind them.
Pretty sure Miyazaki is aware of those other games. I want Ninja Gaiden 4 to have a grappling hook so bad.

To get back on topic:
ICO was such an amazing game…
I love games that take all the things you’ve learned along the way, and culminate it to a final boss fight. Then takes those experiences, and tests your memory & abilities. Classic!
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I can see the influence in the way the story is told. Nothing is given, everything has to be "noticed" and the world is built in the player's head. With so many blanks, everybody has a different idea of what everything means.

Thanks for sharing, OP.
That's one of the things Ueda is almost peerless at doing. He creates a real sense of curiosity with what he doesn't say. He tantalizes with what he *does* say and then refuses to answer those questions, which worms its way into your brain causing the stories to come *alive* because you become an active participant. He pulls you in with his use of blank spaces - narratively/thematically and even environmentally...like the great jazz artist/composer that knows the music exists in between the notes.


This is fantastic. I remember really losing myself in both Ico and SotC and when I first played Dark Souls, I remember distinctly thinking that Ico/SotC had given me the same..."exploration wanderlust," I guess? to keep me going in Souls. Kinda neat to have that observation confirmed.


Which reminds me, time for a Steam release. Bring Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian too, while you are at it.
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