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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | Review Thread


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Game Information
Game Title: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
  • PC (Jun 29, 2022)
  • Nintendo Switch (Jun 29, 2022)
Publisher: Capcom

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 87 average - 91% recommended - 12 reviews


Critic Reviews

Dexerto - Lloyd Coombes - 9.5 / 10
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a triumph. Combined with the base game, it offers an ideal onboarding for newcomers and plenty of challenge for series veterans.
It’s tougher than a Barroth, but offers the most rewarding action-RPG experience of 2022 so far.

Game Informer - John Carson - 7.8 / 10
I’ve had a great time with Sunbreak overall. The lack of new monsters plagues the early hours, but there’s plenty to love if you keep at it. The added flexibility of the Switch Skill Swap system is a freeing and fun expansion to combat for hardcore hunters and the new creatures in the Master Rank quests – when you get to them – breathe life into the experience. For someone already invested in Monster Hunter, there’s plenty to love in Sunbreak. Just don’t expect to see a lot of new content in the opening hours.

Game Revolution - Jason Faulkner - 8.5 / 10
However, don’t expect anything revolutionary. Sunbreak builds on a firm foundation and caters to those who conquered the base game. However, I see those who played tens of hours of Monster Hunter Rise feeling a bit weary when they boot up Sunbreak. Especially given its slow start.

GameGrin - Dylan Pamintuan - 8.5 / 10
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a great expansion to an already good game. You'll appreciate all the changes and new features added, but it won't give you a challenge until much later.

GameSkinny - John Schutt - 9 / 10
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a worthy successor to the base game and improves on it in almost every way.

IGN - Tom Marks - 7 / 10
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is an enjoyable expansion full of cool new monsters but not many new ideas.

PC Gamer - Rich Stanton - 89 / 100
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is more of the same for Rise fans, which is great, but the lack of truly 'new' stuff is disappointing.

RPG Site - James Galizio - 9 / 10
While not quite perfect, Sunbreak confidently brings all of Monster Hunter Rise's best ideas to the next level.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Liam Richardson - Unscored
A generous expansion that ramps up the difficulty for hunters looking for a challenge.

Twinfinite - Khayl Adam - 4.5 / 5
As it stands, Sunbreak represents the very best of Monster Hunter Rise, recontextualizing the base game through its clever integration of the old and the new. It won’t convert die-hard fans that bounced off of Rise, but for those that loved the changes to the Monster Hunter formula, Sunbreak represents a new high water mark for the series and is an absolute no-brainer for anyone looking to dive back in.

VG247 - Dom Peppiatt - 5 / 5
If you grit your teeth and pay out for the DLC, you won’t be disappointed: Sunbreak is an essential expansion for any Monster Hunter fan, and – paired with Rise – may well be the best entry point for anyone eager to learn more about this fascinating series, too.

Wccftech - Francesco De Meo - 9 / 10
With its huge number of new and returning monsters, new gameplay mechanics, and great refinements to the formula, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the massive expansion that the latest entry in the series deserved to get. While the jump from High Rank to Master Rank doesn't feel as big as it was in previous entries in the series, Sunbreak does so many things well that most of the hunters traveling to Elgado and the Citadel will hardly be bothered by it.
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Still need to start with this series. Too bad the combo deal contains only the base game on cart, and ships with a download code for Sunbreak. In Europe at least anyway.


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Still need to start with this series. Too bad the combo deal contains only the base game on cart, and ships with a download code for Sunbreak. In Europe at least anyway.

I would recommend picking Rise. World has too much information thrown at you.


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Its a shame there's apparently not many new monsters early on, it was really great with Iceborne that when entering master rank you where immediately greeted with a host of brand new monsters followed by a split between returning favourites and new varients right up until the end.

However looking forward to the new Grank armour, rise felt lacking in the armour department considering there where no Alpha/beta sets and the Low and High rank where identical in look too.

I will be enjoying this either way, and I'm so glad that it releases on PC alongside switch so no half a year wait this time.
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question, are the new moves simply the fact that we can change between Skills? Like in the demo? I had a horn and I was able to switch between my 2 abilities, in Rise I could only pick 1

what are the other quality of life stuff?


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I've always loved Rise more than World because of its more flexible gameplay mechanics. And Sunbreak expansion really adds a beauty to the base game. I'll probably sink 1000+ hours in.
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I'm excited for this, mostly for the new and returning monsters and the new switch skills. When it's all said and done, I don't think Rise/Sunbreak will supplant Iceborne/GenU as my favorites in the series, but it's been a fun distraction until World 2 comes out. I can appreciate that they made this game focused for Switch, but you know it suffers a lot because of it.

Reizo Ryuu

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Too many reviews to sift through, are any of these pc reviews that talk about possible fixes to the dithered shadows, or maybe even upgraded mp functionality? The MP in Rise was so bad it turned me off the game almost completely.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak reviewed by Tom Marks on PC, also available on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a relatively simple expansion, but that doesn't mean its top notch new and returning monsters aren't a whole lot of fun to fight. That said, Sunbreak isn't nearly as substantial or surprising as Iceborne was for Monster Hunter World, lacking fresh ideas beyond clever AI followers that are restricted to single-player hunts, and even abandoning Rampage quests without really trying to fill the gap their absence has left.
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I wish they could add cross save with the switch. I bought on switch then didn't get too far into it and I want to buy on PC but just can't bring myself to having 2 saves.


As a total newcomer to Monster Hunter, is this a good place to start?
I'd say so, I had always fancied MH but was very intimidated by stepping into the franchise. From people who know the games far better than I, MH Rise had lots of Q.O.L improvements to make getting into the game a lot easier.
Think I ended up putting around 180 hours into Rise, which is a drop in the ocean compared to some but far more hours of enjoyment than I thought I would get :)
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As a total newcomer to Monster Hunter, is this a good place to start?
Oh yeah. Rise is the easiest MH ever with all the new skills and mobility options. Just start with the base game and grab Sunbreak if you want more after clearing the village quests.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Sunbreak isn't something that every Monster Hunter fan needs to go out of their way to experience. But it is new, challenging content for Rise players along with Follower Quests and a new endgame to grind through. If you're a fan of the current formula, then the expansion is well worth jumping into.
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