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Movies that are forgotten/no one seems to talk about, that you love.


Equilibrium (2002) with Christian Bale
Soldier (1998) with Kurt Russel
Bicentennial Man (1999) with Robin Williams
Gattaca (1997) - one of my favorite movies, I consider it a masterpiece of cinematography, simply oozes style, Jude Law as a secondary char gives a phenomenal performance. Its more known than the rest that I listed, but I still think its not very known, especially for younger people.

Yep I love my SF.



since OP posted some killer JCVD movies. i saw this one on TV a few years ago and it was really really entertaining. Double Team:

it's one of those b-movies that knows what it's doing. the ending just keeps getting more and more insane. he is fighting the bad guy in a stadium... that has a tiger... and also there are LAND MINES! lol just insanely funny

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Trippy Russian cartoon with a Beatles-style band trying to get the princess. Loved it as a kid. Still sounds great.

One of the only live-action musicals I greatly enjoy.



Roger Rabbit is not forgotten but I don't think people talk about the extraordinary animation work enough. It's something we'll never see again.
True. And since Cool World was mentioned in this thread, i would say Roger Rabbit was probably the main reason Cool World is forgotten. Because despite being the older film, Roger Rabbit is still much better technically and more convincing. I mean, i love Ralph Bakshi's work but in this craft nobody comes close to Richard Williams incredibly smooth animation. Add to that the extra layers of shadow and lighting by ILM that was completely missing from Cool Word so it's cartoons were missing the extra depth Roger Rabbits toons had. And of course, Christopher Loyd and Bob Hoskins cast cannot be beaten either.

Just about everything about Roger Rabbit was perfect, it's the kind of "lighting in a bottle" movie were everything clicks. The movie where the people behind special effects were flexing their abilities, not because they had to but because they could (kinda like the "bump the lamp" scene). Heck, every movie that had 2D cartoons and real actors after it (Space Jam, the other more recent Looney Tunes movies, etc) gets automatically forgotten after a while because none has ever reached the technical level of Roger. I'm going as far to say as it's the pinnacle of 2D hand made animation as well, at 24 individual frames per second, the smoothly changing camera angles and the perspective changing objects, almost looking like 3D animation at times. The intro cartoon with Roger is unbelievable if you realize it was made by hand. I think that intro is the best hand made animation mankind ever did.

Richard Williams man, he is god.
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Hello GAF, so a couple of weeks ago there was this thread:

It intrigued me greatly since i think Hollywood movies have sucked for a long time with only a few handful good movies released in the last 10-15 years, so during this pandemic with so much free time i re-watched some of my childhood favorites and also saw some new ones from the era, and i realized that these movies i enjoy so very much seems to be forgotten or no one's ever brought them up when talking about 80/90's movies, so i decided to share some of these movies and hopefully some of you guys will give them a chance and maybe recommend some new ones me and the rest of the readers may watch.

1- House of Sand and Fog (2003)

A great drama/tragedy, a fantastic performance by Ben Kingsley, such a fantastic film and yet i don't remember anyone talking about it even back when it was new!

2- Hard Target (1993)

one of JCVD very best action movies, and directed by John Woo! the action is simply sublime and as a kid i remember when my elder brothers brought in the mid-90's because it was super fun but it was a 1 day rent only since it was in high demand.

3- Sudden Death (1995)

Another JCVD winner before it all went down hill, an anomaly among his action movies because he doesn't use any of his trademark martial arts moves and for once he's on the back foot against the bad guys, a very fun Die Hard clone.

4- True Romance (1993)

The Tarantino movie people seem to forget about because it was directed by the legendary Tony Scott, great dialogue, Christopher Walken fantastic performance as Vincenzo Coccotti.

5- The Last Boy scout (1991)

Bruce Willis at the height of his action-movie career back when he gave a shit, along with Shane Black's excellent dialogue makes for a very fun movie, better than Die Hard 2 IMO.

6- The Ninth Gate (1999)

Again it seems no one remember or even knows this movie exists, it's such a unique film with a subject seldom seen in films in general, i could watch from start to finish and enjoy every moment but i know it's not for everyone, certainly this trailer didn't know how to market the film especially with the music and the scenes they show like it's some sort of action movie when it's slow thriller.

Well that's enough from me for now, so GAF share some of your underrated/unknown gems.

Minus House of Fog and Sand (which I've yet to see), all these films are great choices! I'd add 1 more Van Damme film that doesn't seem to get mentioned much but 1 I really enjoyed which was Timecop. Another film I would recommend which is mostly forgotten is a Chuck Norris vehicle called Silent Rage. It's actually a decent film that is highly recommended. Both films actually feature the underrated Ron Silver as well.

Prince of Darkness by the horror master, John Carpenter, is a film that doesn't get the recognition it deserves (and I could probably name many more John Carpenter films as well)...

The Abyss by James Cameron (the director's cut) is brilliant too. Sadly the theatrical release has a botched ending that completely ruins the film. ONLY watch the director's cut.

2010 is a sort of sequel to the brilliant 2001, and is a really good film that is never mentioned by anyone!

Psycho 2 is probably my favorite horror sequel of all time. A worthy companion to the original masterpiece.

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Just watch it!

The Guest... I love it!

Quick edit- how could I have forgotten William Friedkin's forgotten film Cruising?!? Such an under appreciated film. I know it has its critics, especially with some homosexuals, but it is so well shot, has brilliant use of sound and New York in the late 70's and early 80's was a character in itself!

I know I am forgetting many more...
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Colossus - The Forbin Project. Best Terminator movie, that's isn't a Terminator movie.

Don't take my word for it, ask John Landis!


Class of 1984. We are the future! Chopped up and banned in a few countries.


Eden Lake. One of the hardest and most gruelling movies I've had to watch. The ending will want to make you kick the screen.

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Way of the Gun

Written and Directed Christopher McQuarrie following the success of The Usual Suspects and before he became the Mission Impossible Staple Writer and Director. Shaggy Dog Thriller with some quality dialogue.

Bonus opening scene: -


Spanish Thriller about a hidden world where people blessed with extraordinary luck bet against each other with increasingly dangerous stakes.

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Put this on my watch list. Thanks for making this movie known to me.
No problem! I would recommend not looking up info on the movie/not watching the trailer if possible. It’s best to go into it as blindly as possible.


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I think Man of Steel was a fantastic movie and the poor reviews alot of people gave it were completely unwarranted.

I love this scene with Zod and think Michael Shannon's acting was superb.

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Many “Whelps”! Handle It!
For me, it was Krull


My big brother showed it to me maybe ten years ago? It's this weird mix of fantasy and sci-fi. I admit it's not a good movie but young me loved it. I looked it up out of curiosity years later and seems most people either didn't like it or have never seen it.

It's like if a long series of quests in a MMO was turned into a movie. I guess that's the best way to explain it.
Dick Tracy (1990)

Visually impressive & great production value, insane cast, 7 Oscars nominations, even video games... and yet, it simply faded out of existence.
... WTF happened ?!

I saw it some time around its release and as I was just a dumb kid I didn't really think much of it. I mean, it wasn't Batman, right ?
And then it simply vanished.
20 years later, I remembered of this movie and decided to watch it again. And holy shit, it was actually pretty good !

I can easily imagine why it vanished ; it was probably ahead of its time, the world had surely grown tired of the film noir genre, and well... it wasn't Batman, right ?
But I'm still baffled that this movie doesn't get more exposure, especially in a day and age where there's a Youtube essay for nearly everything.
For me, it was Krull


My big brother showed it to me maybe ten years ago? It's this weird mix of fantasy and sci-fi. I admit it's not a good movie but young me loved it. I looked it up out of curiosity years later and seems most people either didn't like it or have never seen it.

It's like if a long series of quests in a MMO was turned into a movie. I guess that's the best way to explain it.
Gets that awesome throwing blade and barely uses it. Always annoyed me.
Damn solid list OP. Here's mine.

1. And justice for all (1979)

Funny and poignant. So many good acting performances in this one. Best ending ever.

2. Jagten/The Hunt (2013)

About a guy who gets wrongfully accused of being a pedophile. Super relevant in the me too-era. Mads Mikkelsen is fantastic.

3. Gattaca (1997)

Unconventional sci-fi movie. Great chemistry between Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman/Jude Law.

4. Crimson Tide (1995)

Denzel Washington vs Gene Hackman in a tense submarine thriller. A lot of Tony Scott movies are criminally underrated.


Spaced Invaders (1990)

sci fi comedy about some rubber suited little green men that land on Earth. pretty awesome in an early 90s sci fi kind of way. the suits are very cool. Ariana Richards from Jurassic Park's first movie.

Suburban Commando (1991)

Hulk Hogan as an alien who lands on Earth and lives with a family headed by Christopher Lloyd. i love the way he delivers the line "I was FROZEN today!" more early 90s sci fi comedy.
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How To Murder Your Wife. Never seen this one recommended but it's a really funny campy comedy about the war between the sexes.




Jeremy put in a legendary performance


4 actors at the top of their game here. Clive Owen steals every scene he's in.
Here's another one:
Mars Attacks

And The Cable Guy

2 fantastic black comedies that I never ever understood why they were hated when they came out, and I saw both shortly after release and i love em both to this day.
a few years ago i went on a binge of late 70s/early 80s Star Wars ripoffs. some good stuff in there:

Starcrash (1978)


Message From Space (1978)


Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)


I did the same thing awhile ago, I remember seeing Battle Beyond the Stars years ago and could not believe John-boy Walton's spaceship was actually a woman's body. lol

have you seen this gem

Galaxina (1980)


another goody

Cherry 2000 (1987)


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