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Movies that are forgotten/no one seems to talk about, that you love.


I only knew this through RLM, gave it a watch and enjoyed it, it's good movie with an awesome soundtrack, felt like an 80's/90's B-movie which is what I think they were going for.
One of the three movies which started me going blind into every movie. Didn't know what it was about, got told to watch it. Made it an amazing flick.
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a few years ago i went on a binge of late 70s/early 80s Star Wars ripoffs. some good stuff in there:

Starcrash (1978)


Message From Space (1978)


Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)


Starcrash and Battle Beyond The Stars both look genuinely amazing!


Way of the Gun

Written and Directed Christopher McQuarrie following the success of The Usual Suspects and before he became the Mission Impossible Staple Writer and Director. Shaggy Dog Thriller with some quality dialogue.

Bonus opening scene: -

Probably my favorite opening of any movie. The actors are surprisingly good at handling guns, didn't expect that from Phillippe and Del Toro. Love the modern take on a western.


One of my favorite sci fi movies of the last decade and I don't see it mentioned often.
Engaging from beginning to end and made with a $50k budget.

Been meaning to watch this, I've had it for years and never got around to seeing it. Made me think of another movie that's never talked about that came out around the same time, Predestination.


It's a time travel movie, definitely worth watching if you like a bit of a mind bender.
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One more film that I never anybody talk about, The Insider (1999) is fantastic! Awesome cast and acting, kept me on the edge of my seat back when I saw on tv around 2003-4.

This scene is Sooooo good

Also I can't be the only one on GAF who loves Hudson Hawk.... Right?

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