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Multiple Fixes are coming to Forspoken


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Multiple fixes are coming to Forspoken, incluiding optimization of the PC version:

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Thank you for buying our latest game for $70! We’ve been listening to your feedback, and as a response we’re going to do you a favor and fix our unoptimized mess! We’re committed to making sure our game is an enjoyable experience, just not at launch when we ask for your money.

Please continue to buy our $70 games. We promise we’ll fix them after we have your money. Maybe.
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Tell that to Cyberpunk or No Mans Sky. I personally dont care about the game and fixes wont change the experience much but saying that changes/fixes are "too late" is false.
I kind of agree with you on principle, but....Cyberpunk was a great game at its core with technical problems, Forspoken is not.

No Man Sky required years of additional development of new content, something Forspoken is not going to get.


Glad I held off on trying this. I'll wait until it's on sale in a year or two and hopefully it's all patched up by then.


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That’s nice but unless they fix the bland game loop it’s not going to matter.

The thing is .. from just looking at the areas in the demo .. there are some unique areas / objects in those areas so you know there was a plan at one time to make it more than just fighting mobs for a crappy chest.


That's cool. We need fewer barriers between the player and the fun, because right now Forspoken itself is the biggest barrier.


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Wife and I felt the demo was so rough and kinda boring that I'm not sure we'll ever go back to this, even if they fix all the performance issues.


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I finished it on sunday. Little over 30 hours. Fantastic game!!!!
Glad they are doing the fixes. I played whole game in 40Quality mode and it chugged badly... but RT mode was way too blurry for me and lowerd LOD signifcantly.

I did just today... ordered Hogwarts Legacy for ps5. Should be here tomorrow and I will be entirely NOT surprised if Forsoken is better :p


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I really hope the fix it up for when I pick it up on deep discount. Be better Square. We don't need formal apologies if you just get it right on day one.
This patch it later mentality has got to stop, they need to stop launching unfinished games.

It really makes no sense to buy games day one anymore. If 6 months later the game will be better and much cheaper.
It's so dumb. I thought developers had learned their lesson with so many studios dying during PS3/360 as a result of trying complete with COD. Now we have developers tripping over themselves to make GAAS or the next big open world title that will inevitably fail.

It's like, who is demanding all these open world also -rans? I wish studios would focus on smaller games with limited budgets and use that to fund larger titles that are actually finished on release.

It's like movie studios and horror movies. There's a reason horror is viewed as low risk; small budgets, you can be experimental, and horror fans tend to gobble up anything and everything. The same could be done with fresh ideas and new IPs.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Cool. I'm genuinely interested in the game, but not at $70. I'll happily pick this up when it inevitably drops down to $20 or less on Black Friday. By then, the game should be in as good a shape as it's ever going to be.


Good to hear, i still think the demo was fun, not amazing but solid fun, will have to wait for the 30 bucks mark before buying.
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