Multiple Silent Hill Games and a New Silent Hill Movie announced

Not confirmed, but the image has the phone aspects said to be in the Silent Hill prologue, and the three dots in the O (in the title) are the same from The Order cult in SH.
The Halo of the Sun.
Does anybody discuss Silent Hill, Resident Evil or any other games on GameFAQs? 😌

The forums are full of arseholes and degenerates. It's just such a crappy site. 💩
It's gotten a bit quiet on here since the big reveal last month. Although granted, they didn't show any gameplay. There's not much info getting out there yet that anybody can talk about.

Personally, I don't really know what to think of these upcoming projects. Silent Hill f has my interest just going off of that single trailer, but I don't know how that Japanese game even relates to the town of Silent Hill at all.

The other two games besides the remake, I know little about. Next to nothing has been shown off to give us any indication of the game's structure. So yes. Konami baited us all on being excited alone. It's only now we've realized it was not as big as we thought. Seeing no gameplay is a buzz kill.
Yeah. Their attitude sucks on there.

I like NeoGAF more, and Silent Hill Community.
They took away the two best features there that they had, and that I do not see other sites doing:
Each game has it's own board, and the ability to automatically alphabetize said game boards.

The two best features gone, and I feel I have no more reason to be there.
I have a funny feeling it's gonna be a long wait for any *new* Silent Hill game. These all looked to be in early development, besides the remake of 2 which we know is coming along smoothly.

Likely be a summer of 2023 release.
I'm really looking forward to playing through Silent Hill 2 again, I hope they do it justice. It's by far my favourite game in the series and the atmosphere was always amazing in that game.
So it could be the case that Anita is the primary female protagonist in Silent Hill f, and that this demo going by the title "The Short Message" is something kind of like what Capcom did in 2016 for RE7, where you explored a house belonging to the Baker family, and the demo let you explore the rooms for the early part of the main game to create hype for their then new RE Engine. So this could be a part of that game, or perhaps a separate piece of canon, like how RE7 had all those 'lost tapes' to make up the DLC.

I'm only guessing, of course, but it does seem linked into f, judging from having a similar looking monster present. :p

By the way, have a safe and happy start to 2023, you guys. ;)
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