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Music of the Souls games


Not sure if this belonged in gaming or not. You know how they have the Final Fantasy and other music concerts? I would pay money to see a souls concert. The music the produce for these games is incredible!

Flamelurker Demos Souls

Sooo epic...


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Demon’s Souls‘ music was very unique.
DS1 was still memorable, then with DS2 and 3 and Elden Ring everything became bombastic music and choirs that go oooohhhhh aaaaahhhh oooohhhh and everything sounds essentially the same. If the games weren’t about dying over and over and over again, hardly anybody would remember a single track from the games past DS1. The title screen music for ER is surprisingly catchy though, shame they went the safe “medieval battle music” route for the rest of the game.

Mr Hyde

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Bloodborne and DS3 has the most memorable tracks for me. Elden Ring is a bit disappointing so far. The music in the overworld is nice and somber and really sets the mood, but the boss battles have been quite anonymous so far.


Demon's Souls definitely has the best From OST. It had such a cool identity of its own. Catchy doom and dread. Wish the rest of the soundtracks tried a similar flavour. Elden Ring title track comes close.

Drakengaard's OST also had a similar type of dark catchy sound.

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