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NeoGAF Merch Ad

I'm not sure how it is for y'all but this image has been on the front page of NeoGAF for me for quite some time, and I want to share a silly story about the funny relationship I have with this image. People's brains seem to automatically try to find the relevant information on the page and block out irrelevant things like ads. For the longest time I didn't ever look directly at it, just saw it out of the corner of my eye. Something about the whole arrangement of it slowly gave me the impression over hundreds of times of seeing it out of the corner of my eye that it was an ad for baby items.


A: The photo of the shirt has some wrinkles which out of the corner of my eye i interpreted as the shirt tapering down towards the bottom like a baby's onesie.

B: The font on the shirt is pretty wacky, and pretty difficult to read, so out of the corner of my eye it just looked like fun shapes for a baby.

C: Since my brain thought the shirt was a baby onesie, the water bottle became a baby bottle and the pin became a pacifier/binky.

One day I suddenly had the thought, why is NeoGAF trying to sell me baby stuff? Then I actually looked at the image and saw what it was, and now every time I click on NeoGAF I get a little extra chuckle out of it.

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First thing I do every morning before shitposting on neogaf is don my neogaf onesie and sip delicious iced coffee out of my neogaf water bottle.
I find it takes my comfort to a whole new level as I make my daily trip by mobility scooter to EB Games. Plus it often gets comments from the ladies like ‘what is that you’re wearing?’, ‘ OMG where did you get that from?’ … sorry girls, it’s not for sale.
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