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Netflix Tomb Raider Casts Hayley Atwell as Lara Croft


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Hayley Atwell recently returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by reprising the role of Peggy Carter for the animated series What If?, but it seems as if the actress is set to join another franchise that is far more well known within the world of video games. Set to take on the role of Lara Croft in an upcoming Tomb Raider series for Netflix, Atwell is definitely spreading her wings in the world of voice acting. Joining animated video game adaptations such as the wildly successful Castlevania, Croft seems like the obvious choice when it comes to bringing big-name video game characters to the small screen.

The update comes from Netflix itself as the site confirmed the British actress will be voicing Lara. Nothing else was said about the series in particular, but Tomb Raider is a big franchise with lots of lore. According to Netflix, this anime will be set after the events of Tomb Raider's reboot trilogy under Square Enix. The series will put Lara on a new hunt, and fans are thrilled to know Atwell will be joining along.



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I can see it.


Great choice… 20 years ago. She is amazing but way too old for the part.

Edit: never mind. Missed the anime part.
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She would have been great pick for classic Lara. No real hope for an older reboot Lara being all that interesting.


Who the fuck watches dubbed anime anyway?
Or is it animated cartoon?

But I think she would make a great classic tomb raider lara croft for a real movie.
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Someone needs to use a time machine and change this around to have a big breasted actress play in the movie and the flat chested actress play in the anime.
At first I was surprised that they chose someone who at least somewhat visually resembles Lara, but then I realized it's just the voice.


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Obligatory Snoop gif.

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If it's only voice acting why didn't they just get Lara's current VA? I suppose this actress is popular enough to bring a bigger audience.
Wikipedia says she was in the Avengers films so her pay must have been high, I presume. (feel free to educate my caveman ass)
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I really like Hayley Atwell but what a shame it’s an anime.
Animes aren’t bad, but you could’ve picked anyone. She’d be great in live action.


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Can't say if her voice is distinct.

Might have watch a few of her works.

I only know her as the girl in captain america.


Netflix really doesn’t know how to do anime, so I’ll pass hard on this.

Depends on the taste, I personally prefer stuff like Castlevania, Trese, Blood of Zeus, Witcher etc. which are very down to earth/believable, rather than original Japanese anime where the VA is over-exaggerated to absolutely retarded levels which totally kills the vibe for me.
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