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New Marvel Game to be Announced May 19 2022


Looking forward to Marvel Snap the most. From ex Hearthstone creators. Also will have a PC version.
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A female Captain America and PoC female Ironman wtf is this from the comics I take it?
Yeah. They couldn't create compelling, awesome characters for POC or females, so they shoehorn them into existing iconic characters. The cool thing about Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man is that they had unique lives and origin stories which are diminished by having these people also be able to have similar powers using a similar name. It's lazy, blatant and totally wrong.

Damn!! Now I'm pissed.
You saw stars and immediately think captain america? She's not a female cap lol, sounds like you're just offended by the idea of female "anything".
That’s where you’re totally off the mark. I’m gay and I actually prefer playing as female characters I just don’t like when they gender swap famous characters instead of taking the time to create new and unique female / lgbtq / poc characters.

Reizo Ryuu

I just don’t like when they gender swap famous characters
"gender swap" is a bit reductive, this has been happening in comics since the 1940s. Nobody also seem to care when it's another male, like rhodey becoming iron man before moving on to "war machine", or bucky taking over for steve as captain america etc.
Did you look at falcon and say: "A PoC Captain America wtf is this from the comics I take it?", probably not because you probably realise how dumb and reductive that sounds.

Also real "gender swaps" do exist in the comics, but they are alternate universe versions. That's not what chavez and williams are, they manage to be boring and unlikable by themselves.


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Whatever prints money for Disney and Marvel. I miss the 90’s Marvel for every reason. The trading cards, the characters, the costumes, and etc. What I don’t enjoy is today’s Marvel. This game could very well get shut down a year from now. It crosses off X and Y for “video games” in Disney standards. Not too violent, appeals to everyone, and it will suck all the money out of your wallet. What’s worse is they don’t acknowledge this because apparently the Marvel I prefer is too niche. They couldn’t be bothered to make a fighting game with a good cast. They can’t make good action games either. Marvel looks better on paper than it is anywhere else. I also agree with how they want to shoehorn every hero with a different gender. They can’t make Iron-Woman or write a decent Spider-Girl, so they just swap out the guy whose image started this whole thing. I wouldn’t write this about SNAP if I didn’t feel like I’ll never enjoy Marvel beyond what I enjoyed when I was a kid. I’m coming to terms with these CEO/board members cherry picking timeless heroes and turning them into cash cows.
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After watching their livestream last night I'm completely on board now.

I can understand the hestitation from people not familiar with the world of digital card games who just see "licensed mobile game" and their eyes glaze over. This is a pretty substantial step above the regular trash you'd expect in that category given the people involved. Don't dismiss it outright. The game actually seems quite good.
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