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New Member Rush!


Beware sleeper agents!

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Alt hunting time,

Hey all, I initially avoided this site because I heard it was evil. Decided to lurk and found out it was anything but really. Glad to be here!
Glad to have you. They don't ban people for having opinions, and we like to discuss anything here. No twitter campaigns or bullying of different viewpoints. It's been an amazing forum for the past few years.
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Will it be the same as it was before the 2017 exile? What happened still bothers me to this day. We lost a great chunk of the heart and soul of this place.
Before 2017, it was awful. You got banned for saying anything and everything was one sided. This place was great before 2013ish and great again since around 2018 or so after the party poopers left. Just hope it stays that way.
I love it here now! :)
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